We are surely going somewhere when we look at the eccentricity of fashion trends in the present scenario. With Gucci’s inverted cat eye glasses making waves in the fashion world, I would say it certainly mirrors the current scenario. Gucci has this era’s history written in a stylish manner with fashion being a window to society. Fashion mirrors art, culture, history, and is also a powerful tool of communication. This season, luxe fashion brands have thrown caution to the wind, especially if we look at Matthew Williams’s three-prong sandals at Givenchy or the bat-winged bag. But the question is whether we are ready to parade in our living rooms in pricey high-heeled boots or is it just a cry to be heard and remembered in times?

Let’s see how to add on these accessories to your look to achieve glamour with ease and feel stylishly comfortable.
This year is going to be about comfort and functionality. The post-pandemic era will be about easy slip-ons, probably anything that’s anti-fashion and celebrates comfort and survival. Try flatforms, a cross between an espadrille and platforms for an elevated look, or slip on shoes that are the athleisure version of regular sports shoes. Some luxe brands have added kitten heels to slippers to lift up spirits in these crazy times.

Bags, totes, phone holder pouches
Be it straw the bags or the handspun ones, the woven totes or the phone holding stylish slings, they are all big on functionality. The comfortable athflow clothes, paired with quirky accessories, is an expression one can’t miss noticing. Paper bags are the latest addition to the club, especially with recycled slow fashion being the trend.

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Shades for spring
There’s no accessory like a pair of shades that shout out loud your mood or personality. The hottest trend of the year, shades are coming in various shapes and sizes. Doing the rounds presently are the timeless ’70s oversized frames that ooze style and protection; cat-eyed ones for bold fashion; thin rimmed frames ..
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