This Derby saw the fashion enthusiasts, the socialites and the equestrians , all come together for a gala pre Derby party, of which the fashion show was the main highlight. The feminine appeal and glamour came to its fore with this extremely well choreographed show by the ace and well known  Choreographer Rahul Dev Shetty.

The designer Swapnil Shinde who showcased two opposing styles , one enamoured by chiffons and laces n feminine grace, exhibiting the soft, fluid, and sensuous feminity and the other putting power and strength to the play,by usage of  the leather and PVC. Let’s have a sneak peek into the pictures of the fashion show and few of green room pictures too .

Fashion designer- Swapnil Shinde
Choreographer- Rahul Dev Shetty.
Venue- Taj-Westend 
Photo curtesy  – Sandeep Kumar


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