What does a woman want? Many a sociologists have tried to solve this puzzle but with hardly any success. The answer is simple – a home that takes care of luxury, home that spells comfort, facilitates a world class lifestyle and makes sure that there are amenities, privacy and security at the same time. This kind of a comfortable, contemporary, intelligent space where a woman could nurture her family life while ensuring that she doesn’t compromise on her professional front for the lack of anything is what Leela Residences offer.

Leela palaces, hotels and resorts are the guardians of legendary luxury and hospitality, and now they have come up with the concept of Leela Residences in the strategically and globally planned Bhartiya City. The Leela Residences are coming up right adjacent to the Leela Hotels in Bhartiya City. They define the concept of an urban retreat, in the heart of a bustling city, for the modern professional that comes along with a flavor of world class standards of living inspired by the greatest cities in the world.

Lifestyle at Leela Residences

Luxury is nothing more than an effortless life, lots of sunlight and laughter. It is a way of life which doesn’t only confine itself to your home; in fact, it is beyond that and much more. Leela Residences at Bhartiya city or the City of Joy offer perfection and opulence in a regal manner. This has been achieved by the consistent efforts of finest architects, designers and craftsmen from all across the globe who are renowned for their excellence and state of the art work; coupled with a vision of commerce, culture and fantastic way of life that has bit of Barcelona, a slice of Paris, a zest of New York and a seasoning of Florence, thereby making it a truly global hub and global living for its residents.

There’s a tech park, BCIT – Bhartiya Centre for Information Technology, right opposite to the residences and a high street on the models of Paris. The city also has a PVR multiplex and one of the biggest convention centre in India. And then there’s this hub of hustle and bustle –the Piazza. 

The Leela Residences overlook The Central Park – the 7 acres greens where I can visualize my family taking a stroll or happily cycling in the safe environs where there’s lots of fun and frolic with streets buzzing with activity.

There is a Centre of performing arts which would host Broadway musicals, rock concerts, Sufi programmes and contemporary theatre.The la Ramblas inspired shopping boulevards gives me a feel of a lifestyle of sorts in New York or London.

The niche boutiques, fashion flagship stores on the High Street, art galleries, sushi bars and local pubs to raise toasts, a PVR cinema complex and Leela hotel in the vicinity of your comfort takes you away to a destination vacation, right ! But all this and more is a reality that could be a part of your everyday life as you walk down to your office in the strategically built and situated Leela Residences in the heart of Bhartiya city which offer you a slice of the Leela life-an iconic luxury lifestyle.

The Leela Residences’ Interiors

As I stepped into the plush property of Leela Residences with four bedrooms, I knew this is what I’ve always dreamt of- a beautifully done space with the luxuries of a five star hotel just a call away.

These homes offer classical and affluent lifestyle with contemporary detailing that is befitting of the requirement of a modern Indian family.

We have grown up in an Indian culture with bigger bedrooms and living area where we spend quality time as a family, we bond and nurture our ties over a cup of tea or board games and this kind of connectivity within the house yet retaining the privacy and differing ambience of each room is the uniqueness of Leela residences.

The holistic interiors of Leela skilfully caters to this need of connection in an articulate manner while keeping the space of each member their very own and distinct in a very effortless fashion providing timeless mood to each space while giving the woman of the house her own canvas to paint life in accordance to her flavors and design.

The kitchen is an elegant Italian ‘Boffi’, the name of which is synonymous with excellence and innovation in the world of contemporary interiors. I believe, in our Indian households, kitchen is the soul of the house and hearth, the place from where health n happiness emanates and while I stand here with the door of the fridge open I can visualize the chirpy sounds of my happy family.

The Juliet balcony in my bedroom with the breath taking view of the City of Joy invokes the romance and leisurely feel. The private sauna bath and luxurious tub with a window pane to let sun peep in while you soak in and sip on some wine is comfort spelt.

The walk-in wardrobes with spaciously organized racks and drawers are an indulgent affair for the woman who loves to dress up and needs lots of storage. The mirror on the wall of the dresser makes me feel oh so beautiful!

There are two private and spacious decks and a host of Five Star services on call making it my very own Leela Palace-one that can rival the best in the world.

Services on call

It’s been a long time since I have been planning of playing a perfect hostess to my guests. The Leela residence offers me the luxury of Leela hotel right at my doorstep. The award winning chefs of Leela hotels are just a call away for the residents and they would come and prepare a custom dinner spread in the comfort of my own kitchen, quenching my desire to host a dinner party in an effortless and magnificent way.

A chauffeur, Laundry services, a limousine, in-residence dining, botanical services, a personal trainer or yoga expert, housekeeping and all that you could imagine of while you while away your time in a resort is just a call away if you are a resident here. Yes, when I am a resident here then I live everyday of my life in exemplary quality and class and fine experience.

My movie tickets’ bookings and the concert tickets, all is taken care of by the concierge.

What else would a woman want than all the amenities and host of expert’s right at her doorstep at the behest of a call.


The posh clubhouse is a host to all one could imagine for oneself with an impressive lobby lounge Leela comes with grandeur at its best.

There is a private theatre and I can visualize myself in this theatre reliving my old favorites when I host a private screening for my family and friends in the comfort of plush lounge chairs followed by a treat of handmade Tuscan pasta that is served in the Chefs’ Room and they make sure you get a perfectly set evening.

  • The Club House has game rooms, there is the world class gym and spa and the glass room opening to the beautiful Bangalore breeze.
  • The swimming pool is temperature controlled and spacious making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy with family.
  • I can see myself getting pampered on the weekends at the spa that has treatments from east and west.
  • There’s this facility of dropping your child to the crèche which is open on all seven days and has a hand picked team of child nursery staff who take care of your child for hours together as you shop and come back.

The club house has an in-house bar for the residents stocking the best of wines and a dedicated cigar room, a library which has the first editions of New York Times bestsellers to sci-fi journals and magazines, yes, you are spoilt for choice and then spoilt even more…

Welcome to the Leela life at Bhartiya city.

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