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Bride side- Anuja pandey
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Bride side

The wedding season is here and so you must keep in mind the essential requirements for a bride if you are one. Let us see…

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Timeless creations

Are you re-imagining a new world and romancing with time? Watches are not only for timekeeping, they are a remembrance of moments shared, memories created,…

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The acid test

If you follow Jennifer Aniston or Victoria Beckham, you would know that they all tout the alkaline diet and its benefits. But before you jump…

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Crowning Glory

When considering hair restoration, there are many options, few surgical and others non-surgical. When deciding on the treatment, people want to try the ones that…

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Fashion in the slow lane

There’s slow fashion, minimalist fashion, zero-waste fashion, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion. And each of these categories overlap in their goals and practices. Slow fashion prioritises…