There are two categories of people one, trendsetters, and the other, who give a touch of their personal flavours to trends, thus making it their own style. Whichever category you fall under, the hairstyling or hair trends add a whole dash of newness to your look. Personally, I go for hair cuts or an overall colour change when I’m bored and seeking some change; even though it has been a season of limited travels for most of us, I did go in for some hair transformation. Switching up the hair colour is like the declaration of a mindset, a mood, it’s a great thing to do if you want a new look.

                   Pic credits: Bblunt

“I feel hair styles are not so definitive anymore. It’s statement-making colours, rather than definitive styles that are trending. Actor Jennifer Winget was ready for a dramatic makeover, so we collaborated with her and launched our Cherry Red hair colour. As you can see, Jennifer is a gorgeous “red head”. Red is a popular colour this winter, or even a violet blue for our more adventurous clients. Hair colour is a great way to experience the same kind of significant, personal transformation as you would with a new cut or style,” says Adhuna Bhabani, founder and creative director, BBLUNT.

The adventurous ones love the hair trends set up by pop sensation, Billie Eilish, who dyed her hair a bright, almost  a phosphorescent green. Beyonce, the queen of pop, has caramel honey coloured highlights that add to the warmth of her skin tone and is more subtle rather than experimental styling.

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Platinum blonde 
It requires a lot of maintenance and salon appointments to keep it looking healthy and fashionable. Since it is a bold statement, it is essential to have a serious discussion with your stylist.

Blonde + brunette: A mix of warm and cool tones of blonde and reds are the new balayage. Depending on the skin tone and hair colour, this trend is low maintenance and a perfect choice for many. This is a toned-down version of blonde and safe to experiment with if you ain’t seeking a big transformation. A subtler version of it would be warm highlights that are effortless and stay easily for months depending on the length, colour, and tone of the hair.

With winter upon us as well as the festive season, Bhabani adds, “For a bridal look, I would work with natural texture and more realistic hair, taking weather, comfort and context as considerations, over a contrived or high-maintenance style.

A great cut, colour or style can bring a beautiful balance between the aesthetic of the bride’s bone structure, face shape, body proportions, costume and colours she will be wearing; it’s the same idea we would go through during a consultancy for a haircut.” Deeper conversations in the space of fashion and beauty are finally the considerations of trends whilst trends are choices we make that express our sensibilities. Fashion is nothing but emoting your thoughts, so let us welcome 2022 with a fresh burst of ‘colour’ in our lives and a ‘bang’.