When it’s vacation months you need to spruce up your wardrobe. The climate is most affable and romantic in all the holiday destinations specially in Europe and East coast. While roaming about and out on the streets, I realised that today fashion is really fashionable and feminine, flirty, chiffon flimsy dresses in all cuts are so drool worthy.

Though I personally prefer wearing shorts and dungareees but being a woman is the utmost powerful place to be in, yes, you realise it all the more as you become truly independent, mentally and economically!!

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So basking in the glory of being a beautiful lady, enjoying the glorious time we are born in, I chose to wear a chiffon romper gown dress with sexy cuts that enhance the curvaceous you, making you a head turner even if you don’t desire to be so !!

This gracefully seductive dress is beige in color and I love neutrals for the fact they never go out of fashion and has brown maple leaves and flowers printed on it. ( I picked it up while shopping in Canada, not forgetting my Canadian blogging and connections)

So the look is here from the friends’ apartment plush room to the streets to the glorious places I visited.

The next blog would be on the high end and the retro fashion. For now, the French fashion is what does the trick for me.

Streetwear Society

Earrings- Aldo

Sunglasses- H&M

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