Bikers fashion is more of a rock and roll, sturdy 50s kinds, it’s a combination of that with the protective gear. If one really talks to a biker about fashion or style they would realise that bikers’ only concern is protection and hence the black leggings, leather jackets, studded bracelets, helmets and boots etc look Uber cool and make a statement that is become more of a street style too. Hollywood is inspired by them too and I can’t help but get amazingly inspired by their rugged looks.

Ducati-and-Roadster-(9) Ducati-and-Roadster-(3)

Hence when we were invited by the roadster, to propose our love to this sexy machine #scramblerducati and woo it and win it, we loved it.

The love for bikes is been a childhood craze since the days of Manipal when I was in college. And #Ducati was a dream bike always. I remember how all of us guys n few gals would just hit the roads on weekend holidays and flirt with the wind and dangerous curves of western ghats. A bunch of guys who are stepping into youth and playing with dangers and seeking thrill. It was like a bunch of crazy boys exploring the hidden world out there, the small temples in some aloof hilly terrains with peepul leaves ruffling and making noise as we would take breaks. Life is adventure and when I proposed to this bike then it was all my real feel to own it that got a vent, thanks to this opportunity.
We wore roadster jackets and boots and loved this fun experience of wooing the bike. My partner in crime is always Softy and she made it even more fun.

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Ducati-and-Roadster-(1) Ducati-and-Roadster-(6) Ducati-and-Roadster-(7) Ducati-and-Roadster-(8) Ducati-and-Roadster-(4) Ducati-and-Roadster-(5) Ducati-and-Roadster-(2)
=Yours truly Lucky=
Waiting to know who all love the bumpy rides of rocky terrains here.
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