Fine Women and Fine Wine

Celebrating Women and wine was the theme of the awards W.E.W awards night yesterday under the starry breezy skies at the hotel #theconrad #wew as all the empowered women and men of substance gathered together to celebrate women and their achievements in their respective fields…

Loftyspectrums won the best blogger of the year award and we truly felt humbled.

A big thank you to all my girl friends, women who gathered to cheer for each other, those friends of mine who are truly empowered and not threatened by other women who grow and help each other grow. Only strong and secure women can stand and be there for each other and this is the theme and concept of Women Empowering Women awards.

And yes I totally can vouch for it as I know my girls and my girl team who are confident sassy beautiful and loving.

So this shoutout doesn’t only go for women but also to the men who stand by us strong…hail and Hail. For only those Men who have mettle can love and appreciate such empowered and brilliant girls those were present there.

When I started my journey as a blogger I never dreamt of walking down Cannes red carpet or being a part of big fashion weeks or even doing a every single smallest thing that I do and so thoroughly enjoy it. Sometimes getting awarded adds the zest to your journey.

The Coveted

This concept if awarding women from various fields was a wonderful thought by the fashion house Coveted and the power duo Kiran Kalra and Amreen Wasim.  These two started on this project just a couple of years ago and they truly have changed the fashion scene of Bangalore with their Fashion house offering all sorts of trendy and stylish designs. They truly are women who believe in empowering other women and hence this was a brilliant show put together by them.

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Clovely Estate

The Clovely Estate, the wines all the way from Queensland, Australia that have won awards and have been just brought all the way from there to India was a part of this event. We saw the launch of the wines in the presence of the top notch people from embassies and hospitality sector.

Hotel Conrad Bengaluru

The evening was buzzing with charming women and wines, under the starlit skies by the pool side of the Hotel Conrad.

My makeup is from the #jenniferlopez collection by @inglot.

My styling was on point, keeping a hint of sass and glam.

My next blog is going to be on my experience on The Brooklyn Bridge, Newyork.


Stay Fashionable