The best Friend’s toast- with TITAN #weddingtales
The best Friend’s toast- with TITAN #weddingtales
The best Friend’s toast- with TITAN #weddingtales
The best Friend’s toast- with TITAN #weddingtales
The best Friend’s toast- with TITAN #weddingtales

Beautiful times always go hand in hand with raising a toast. It is the remembrance of the moments shared, memories created and words in salutation of the sentiment involved in the situation, especially when it is your best friend who is getting into the wedlock.

My handsome friend, Ashish, was getting married. He is been my companion in hours of happiness as well as my sorrow, the childhood friend who knows it all, he can read my every expression, hear my unsaid words, and see the uncried tears of my eyes. He can recognise the twinkle of my eye when it is a naughty thought that crosses my mind. Earlier on, when he reached any milestone I would ask what did you get for me, he would only reply back in a very filmy, typically Shahrukh khan style, “main accha samay Le kar aaya hoon…”

And, I got to know that this best friend of mine got fixed with the girl of his dreams. This called for celebrations, in anticipation of the happy times which will follow, time for good wishes and salutations.

So when I raised the toast to my Best Friend’s wedding, he surprised me and finally he got it for me, the “Accha Samay”, the good times with the timeless Titan watch set he gifted to us as a reminder of all the great, priceless moments spent.

Weddings are heavenly affair and every wedding has a story to it which involves many a characters apart from the bride and groom. Undoubtedly, the couple occupies the centrestage, yet, as my mom would say

every relationship is a microcosm, it is unique in itself and it is opaque to the outer world.

Thus, the best friends are always the best of friends and, in this case, the best friend’s wedding meant a lot of responsibility too. He is my lover, my bestie, my soulmate, I hate him as much as I love him, I travel and ride this wave of highs and lows with him, I share a lifetime of childhood memories with him, our pains are mutual, our love and happiness, the zest and excitement is exclusively extraordinary, yet inclusive of others, respectful of space and time…I rejoice with him today for his happiness, this best friend of mine happens to be my brother.

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Toasting to this beautiful, pure love, the worst of fights, the heavenly bonding, three cheers to the good times ahead, with the exclusive collection of the gorgeously timeless yet ahead of times, the Titan watches. Raising a toast to the extraordinary with the extraordinary and elevated Titan, the delicious cocktail of the classic with a twist of style, fizz of glamour. As he gifts this wondrous watches to us, he also keeps another one for his lovely life partner. The impressively upped in style quotient, the extraordinaire titan watches, tell that the time ticks, life goes on but love stays, relationships last, moments get counted but with a promise of countless treasured memories and lovelier ones to follow, with a zest to live this very moment fully that life has to offer.

I, Anuja, raise a toast to my best friend, to you Lucky, with all my good wishes and love, to you the mascot of good times, exalt, hail and cheers… May love always prevail in our times and may you be the titan of amazing times…Mazel Tov!!!

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