Mindfulness seems to be the buzzword in town these days but it’s much easier spoken about than followed. It requires a habit of giving importance to details. Mindful eating during festivals sounds like a task, but it can be practised with awareness towards what and how much we eat. As they say, it’s all in the mind – mindful eating is all about the choices we make.
This year, as we have been struggling to overcome the global pandemic, many of us have been bingeing – it could be screen and gadgets or even food and drinking. This gluttony is the opposite of what we are meant to achieve as human beings. The festive season has already been ushered in with Eid and Navratri just getting over and Diwali around the corner. Food, caring and sharing is the idea of a festival. But all we need is to eat mindfully, cherish every bit of it and have gratitude. Soon we shall realise that less is more.

Here’s how:

We have to achieve a healthy relationship with our food. It should not be your focus when you visit a friend. Savour the other aspects of a festival, like decor, fashion, games and relationships, equally. Pick some healthy substitutes for your sweet tooth. The market is full of a smorgasbord of sweets but the choice you make will determine your wellness. Home cooking over outside food is more wholesome. One could do a high-fat low-carb recipe replacing sugar with stevia, like a keto almond phirni or even coconut laddoos made in jaggery, dry fruits and nuts.

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