With winter season here, our skin needs our utmost attention

Winter is coming’, and so are the skin challenges. With the onset of the winter season, we need to give our utmost attention to our skin. This weather attacks the delicate protective layer of the skin leaving it dry, flaky, raw, irritated and itchy. Therefore, the skin needs adequate nourishment so that it can retain moisture better. Low humidity during the cold weather conditions steals moisture from the skin every second of every day. Hence, we need products that can lock in the moisture and nourish our skin to a deeper level.

The knowledge and expertise in cutaneous biology is constantly growing thanks to the latest scientific advances in skin health. Hence our understanding of healthy skin functions, and skin’s sensitivity, dysfunctions, regeneration and everyday protection has also come of age.


A daily soothing, purifying cleansing gel that protects the skin from cutaneous dryness is the first basic requirement. The cleanser must sooth sensations of discomfort, irritation and help biologically to strengthen the skin barrier. A cleansing base must respect the skin balance and guarantee
excellent tolerance.

Moisturise and repeat

When skin is well moisturised repeatedly, it develops greater resistance, and renewed softness and suppleness right from the first application. The products in one’s regimen must be non-comedogenic and unfragranced. The moisturiser when used often creates physically and biologically a healthy skin barrier and helps maintain the skin’s water reserve. Vitamins in moisturisers improve the skin’s suppleness and restore its comfort durably.

Girish Kulkarni, commercial director, Bioderma- NAOS Skin Care India, says, “For winter skincare, you need products that hydrate your skin and leave it moisturised, soft and supple. It’s thus important to opt for non-comedogenic products, have a smooth texture, offer quick absorption and are unfragranced. Using products that re-create a healthy skin barrier and help in maintaining the skin’s water reserves is key. Products that have glycerine and mineral fatty substances help correct the lack of skin hydration, by capturing water outside of the body.

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For instance, our Atoderm creme moisturises the skin and is long-lasting. The skin has greater resistance, and renewed softness and suppleness from the first application. It is non-comedogenic, has a smooth texture, fast absorption and is unfragranced. Also, avoid using a lot of face masks, peels, alcohol-based toners as these will suck all the moisture from your skin, leaving them dry and flaky.”

Invest in a Humidifier

When winters arrive, humidity levels in the atmosphere drop drastically. This coupled with sebaceous glands getting sluggish in winters can leave skin dehydrated and sensitive.


Like clothes, even the skin requires layering. So use serums, humectants, cream and seal it with oil. Serums absorb easily into the skin, especially vitamins enriched ones. Humectants seal in the moisture of the top epidermis layer of the skin. Vitamin-enriched oils like jojoba penetrate deep into the skin.


Honey is a very good humectant and has excellent moisturising properties. And so is glycerin. Finally enjoy your hot cuppa chocolate along with your favourite book tucked in a cozy corner of your home. The sight of a lit Christmas tree with the sound of carols, a colourful pair of socks and two feet to dance, and a face glistening due to over application of glycerine is my childhood in short.