Queen of hearts- the name itself spells regal grace and charisma and this collection of sets makes you for sure feel like one, the Queen of ♥️ hearts.

Blossoming from the spirit of nobility and signifying the grace of the queen, the jewel pieces from the Queen of Hearts range are truly captivating.

When I got a chance to glance through this marvel of a collection I realised the name was so befitting , you would buy it for your queen of heart, be it your wife or your mother or daughter, depending on what relationship you get reminded of seeing these sparkling diamonds engraved and paired with green emeralds or rubies or other precious gem stones. There is a set for everyone, a beauty for each relationship. And every stone sparkles and shines in a way that you would want to buy one for the twinkle of your eyes, for who your eyes burn the flame of passion and life.

My queen of hearts is always my mother so this post of mine goes on for the ethereal beauty of a mother.

Celebrate the auspicious and joyous occasion of Akshaya Trittiya with the sparkle of diamonds.

This could be an ideal gift from you to your mother this Mother’s Day. Tanishq queen of hearts sets are so subtly glamorous and tell a story of their own that they could be the part of a girl’s dream trousseau, something that she could adorn without thinking twice for the versatility of the sets. They would ideally go with ethnic or indo western equally.

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There’s something that makes one truly feel like a queen, regal and Royal, on the pedestal as one would embrace this selection of gorgeous jewellery.This is the aura that is created with this range of extremely delicate and exotic in its designs- QUEEN OF HEARTS by TANISHQ.

As I donned one of the Exquisite jewellery, which I was invited to write on, I felt the touch and feel of it was so feminine and although it is all diamonds yet it felt so light and right. I am extremely delighted to narrate my styling experience with the Tanishq.

  • So the first piece I donned was the beautiful, one of the best and so queen-like, the three tiered ruby and diamond set. This set can be worn with a gown or a sari with equal panache and flamboyance, coupled with style and verve that makes you the lucida, yes, the brightest one in the constellation.

Tanishq2 Tanishq1Tanishq3

  • The second one was more like a choker, holding close to neck with precious green stones only on the pendant and ear danglers and diamonds are on the choker and this is a neckpiece one can sport anytime, be it a wedding or a ceremony that calls for subtle hints of glamour.

Tanishq5 Tanishq4 Tanishq6

  • The other one I wore was the one with green gemstones closer to my neck and diamonds on the outer twirls of it with chandelier earrings. One could carry it with western or indo western or ethnic outfits with equal grace and glamour.

Tanishq7 Tanishq9 Tanishq8

  • With diamonds that shine bright, these designs accentuate the beauty of the Queen of Hearts.
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Tanishq12 Tanishq11 Tanishq10 Tanishq13

  • Drawn from the finesse that a queen embodies, the Queen of Hearts collection from Tanishq encompasses of delicate and enchanting designs that complement her radiance. You feel like the mavoureen.

Tanishq16 Tanishq14 Tanishq15

I wore five pieces and I loved the feel of every set. I have used three designer outfits from various design houses to go with these, and one of them happens to be the similar one which Deepika has worn for the Queens.

When I did the shoot for Queens then my Queen of heart, my Mother was right there with me and today, when I’m editing this blog to go live, she is gone, only her precious memories are there.

This Mother’s Day I won’t have my beautiful mom with me but this blog is a tribute to her- to the Queen with nobody to dispute her beauty, the lady who undeniably brightens up the ambience for she exudes royalty and warmth and enlivens everything and enlightens my heart and soul, to my Mother on this Mother’s Day, to the one who rules my heart, mind and soul- to my Queen of Heart ❤️, my ever loving maa.


=Mother, you would be so proud=

In collaboration with- Tanishq

You can get these sets- queen of hearts

Location partner- Taj Westend