If an egg is broken from outside the life ends
If it is broken by an inside force, then life begins
Great things happen from the inside…
So here’s to New Year wishing you all the best.

I got an opportunity to visit the grand store of C. Krishniah Chetty and sons in bangalore at Dickinson road. Here I was presented with an exquisite line of jewellery that took my breath away. It was awe inspiring as it was unique in its design and excellent in its intricate work.
To begin the start of a new year and mark the beginning of an amazing year I have chosen to express my feelings for life and the journey of it as a whole with this jaw dropping piece of jewellery which is an egg in shape and colour too.
As I climbed up the stairs of the grand showroom the interiors of which is rich in heritage and the beautiful Jewellery is displayed in such dazzling panoply, this piece of egg in white gold and diamonds could not escape my glance. Honestly it’s bewitching in its beauty.

Diamonds-girl’s-best-friend1c-krishniah-chettyA finalist for the HRD awards organized by HRD Antwerp, the theme for the competition was “A LA CARTE – A culinary diamond journey. Internationally recognized as one of the world’s most important Jewellery design competitions, it’s goal is to promote creative contemporary Jewellery design and avant-garde ideas. The lovely designer Zohara was inspired by sweet memories of her childhood when her father used to sing a famous Bollywood song before feeding her “Aao Sikhao Tumhe Ande ka Funda, Ye Nahi Pyare Koi Mamuli Banda” Whether it’s Sunday or Monday, have an egg everyday!

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This exquisite piece is set in a combination of yellow and white gold with diamond accents and a stunning center composed of 5.58 cts of yellow diamonds with a solitaire to complete the piece.


The egg is an awe-inspiring universal symbol interwoven with symbolic, metaphorical and philosophical connotations through the ages.
Egg is a significant symbol of fertility and the embodiment of life. It is new life and represents totality of life in Hindu culture, with the silver part signifying the earth and the golden is sky.

I am thrilled and privileged to be doing it as first in my series of blogs for CKC.

To me an egg represents hope, growth, knowledge and hence I choose to write this blog as we approach yet another New Year. The life is meant to be lived everyday and savoured in every moment of it. Egg symbolises resurrection and let us have the courage to redefine ourselves and carve out our best with similar ardour with which the Designer has created this amazing array of jewellery.


=Happy New Year to all of you =
Lovingly yours
Anuja Pandey in collaboration with CKC
{ price on request}