So the second series of my blog on CKC Krishnaiyah Chetty line of award winning jewellery is an ode to Sun God.

Friends Forever

A striking design for a waistbelt inspired by the movie ‘Sholay’. A story centred around the indispensable bond of friendship, the rotatable coin in the centre featuring heads on both sides is iconic and symbolic of the sacrifices in friendship. The horses and boulders on the sides represent the action and environment in which the main part of the story unfolds, and the character Gabbar Singh’s belt is the base around which the jewellery piece is structured.

Crafted in 22kt yellow gold with antique polish and highlights of white rhodium. Contrast of shiny and textured finishes, with smoky quartz gemstones in bezel setting forming the smouldering rocks. Gold mesh chain with belt buckle and adjustability. The total length is 34 inches and net gold weight is 433.14 grams.



This piece was selected as a finalist for the Artisan Awards: Celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema, one of the most prestigious awards for Jewellery Design in India.

My perception of it is inspired by the Greek and Vedic mythology wherein the Sun Is in the centre and its chariot is driven by the 7 horses, the horses signifying movement, strength, power, celestial wisdom.
Sun in the centre around which the earth revolves, and Sun, being the most powerful source of energy in universe is the Supreme God and hence my interpretation of the coin that is revolving in this jewellery as earth.
Sun- the symbol of power, light,brilliance, energy, is truly a symbol of the glamour of self importance and that which is praiseworthy, the beauty of a woman. This amazingly inspiring piece of jewellery which gives a look of Greek history and mythology, one that is typically in royal fashion is a possession that defines victory and freedom. It is rightly meant for a woman who loves extravagance and extraordinary.

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Wishing you all a Happy Makar Sankranti in advance when the Sun God brings about the change in seasons. May this season be auspicious and happy for all my beautiful readers and audience keep loving
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=Yours truly=
Anuja Pandey in collaboration with CKC