You are the daughter of a royal spirit, your wondrous story has already begun…your once upon a time is now…My last year’s achievement of being recognized as the #fashionicon of #bangalore by #kwaa2018 #karnataka was enhanced and escalated with the curtain raiser of KWAA, 2019.

KWAA- Karnataka Women Achievers Award organised its curtain raiser event last week and it saw the trophy designed by C.krishnaiyah Chetty being unveiled. The programmed S.I.N.G intended women from all walks of life to come together to encourage, celebrate, inspire each other.

A beautiful day saw many beautiful women as they shared their stories n ideas, walked the ramp and rocked the event.

Awards are so much more about you as a person than the social media presence. What defines who you are, your trophies, felicitations, and recognitions or the people who love you or hate you. Nothing defines us as a person, our own attitude towards people, our life and our perception and orientation defines what we become or what we are.

Achievements are always personal and today as I look back, I feel proud of all my brand associations and influence I have been able to create with my real self intact…I had the best of brands to begin with even though I had a lesser understanding of how to go about it, unlike today… I’m proud to be associated with the most inspiring women and learn and inspire them too in return.

Few days back, while I was watching Spiderman, one dialogue struck me when one kid says that it’s his last day of life and he spent all his time just trying to get likes on his Instagram… it’s hilarious how we play and go on playing and getting entangled in this fame and game of social media forgetting the real us. Let’s not be victims to this and remember what we stand for.

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