Skin is a tattletale. It usually tells people things you don’t always want them to know…. no one gossips more than your skin.  – Dr. Jamuna Pai.

Dr Jamuna PaiWho doesn’t know Dr. Jamuna Pai? She has spent last twenty years being the one that A – list Bollywood stars, top industrialists and Miss Indias have turned to for their skin problems. She has been my childhood favourite columnist when I would ensure to take a sneak peek into Femina when my mom would read her columns. She is the pioneer of the skin care movement in this country , being the first to introduce many techniques including Botox , Medicated Facials, aesthetic peels including Spanish brightening peel.

The other day I had the privilege of writing a review as I was invited to her posh skin lab on the high end Lavelle Road, Bengaluru. The owner of the franchisee was very warm as she introduced me to Dr. Abhishek who took more than half an hour to analyse my skin and recommend the brightening medi facial to take care of my acne and tan at the same time. Further more , I was taken to the lavish treatment room where the therapist took me through the products that she was instructed to use on my skin. The treatment started as a general rule with cleansing which was followed by sugarcane peel for natural brightening and then a mild exfoliating cream. The massage was brief and gel based. Since I have sensitive skin, therefore gel had hyaluronic acid and alpha hydoxy acid for brightening. Thereafter oxygen was infused into my skin using a pressurised stream of oxygen. This process helps in absorption of hyaluronic acid.The high level of oxygen is naturally antibacterial, cooling and calms skin conditions such as acne. Finally a mask goes to complete the process. All the products used are from Dr. Jamuna Pai . The treatment left my skin glowing , refreshed and alive. This was my experience in my words.

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skin-specialist-Dr-Jamuna-Pai-2 skin-specialist-Dr-Jamuna-Pai-3
Ashish’s experience of meeting the stunningly gorgeous Dr. Pai in his own words.

The next day Dr. Pai was herself visiting the clinic. When I met Dr. Jamuna Pai it was a treat in itself and the plethora of knowledge she has about just not only skin but overall health was something very commendable.

Today in the era of this looks conscious world when you’ll meet the doctor you’ll know healthy skin means overall health care and when people need shortcuts because of the requirements (marriage or an event) there are umpteen number of solutions too which can take care of the situation in the offing.

All in all we bloggers had a blast meeting this beautiful lady and fetching some very important information about a healthy and beautiful looking skin.


No one has to knowCherry on the cake was getting a signed copy of her famous book ” No one has to know“.

Thus “Make a wish. Beautiful, glowing skin. Hair that shines with health. No age spots or dark circles. The very process of ageing slowed down to a gentle crawl… you now have the power.” No one has to know

Both me and Ashish had a wonderful experience jointly blogging on Dr. Jamuna Pai. Ashish ‘s review on young guy’s skin care would follow soon.


Venue: Dr. Jamuna Pai Skin Labs, Bengaluru
Happy skin courtesy : Dr. Jamuna Pai