Aranyani was born with the ethos of fearless, independent fashion that is inspired by the motifs of jungle and nature. I believe the name implies the same- it means the goddess of forests.
Hence it is meant for bold women who are fearless and experimental with their sense of style.

This Raksha Bandhan has been amazing with such lovely gifts. My brothers Lucky and Hardy gifted me and totally surprised me specially with the bags from Aranyani.
Since Hardy is not in India so his pictures are missing in the whole experience of gifting and celebrating together the beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan that celebrates the most beautiful bond of a bro n sis.” Yet you are always in my thoughts my darling brother. ”

These two beautiful sling bags from the Turkish collection of Aranyani have made me the happiest gal on earth.
The art of Turkish ceramic occupies a place of paramount prominence in the history of art. Shades of violet, blue, turquoise, green, red, brown, black and white were the prominent colors used in this artistic and appealing collection which is Aranyani’s interpretation of the Turkish ceramic art.

The second bag I got as a gift is depicting the mystic whirling dervishes. This is expressed through an intricate hand-painted motifs of the creeping vines in Rogan style. The true expression of exchange in the art and culture through the bags is marvellous and is a sight so beautiful.

The inspiration comes from nature and silk route for this range of bags. From Times immemorial, the silk route has been a region that has witnessed the rise and fall of empires. Right from the Greeks, the Maurya Kings of Bharatvansh, The Turks, the kingdoms of Zhao until the Huns, the Persian Kings, have all used this route to fulfill their imperial ambitions. Success and failures of one over the other are not mere results but paths created in the process of the evolution of the human political, religious and commercial evolution. Language groups competed in the sprawling web of connections. Indo-European, Semitic, and Sino-Tibetan Tongues wagged alongside those speaking Sanskrit, Altaic, Turkic and Caucasian. This route served as the world’s Central Nervous System, connecting people and places together. Dotted across the spine of Asia from Europe, the cities were strung like pearls, linking the Pacific to the Mediterranean.


So let’s celebrate this festival with the remarkable Aranyani.
The beauty of a relationship and the festival that celebrates this bond is beyond words and the feeling is truly precious. I wish all my audiences a very #happyrakshabandhan this year … cheers and keep loving ♥

=Your Truly=
Anuja Pandey 

Designed by –@Priyal Bbharadwaj

Pic Credits @Bhumika


Aranyani has completed one year
Aranyani is now established in New York, Bangalore and Surat. We are currently working on increasing our footprints across UK and Europe.
Aranyani has be recognized by the United Nations as a sustainability brand.
Aranyani conveys an experience through its stories and works of Art. We are now collaborating with the Royalties in India at their behest.
Aranyani always craft a limited edition and one of a kind experience.