Life can be a challenge..

How do you, as a woman evolved,

Unleash Power Within, to ride over your challenge?

The Wonder Women World

A topper in college (with a background in Law), a voracious reader (who loves to write), a former lawyer in the High Court of Bangalore, meet Anuja Pandey who quit her job to partner with her equally enterprising brother Ashish Dubey to set up Lofty Spectrums – a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog.

Anuja, because of her father’s profession, grew up experiencing the fabulous diversity across India. It has helped her easily adapt to people, languages and cultures. She says, these experiences shaped her into what she is today.

Via Lofty Spectrums, Anuja and her brother give voice to not only their sensibilities but to many brands and designers in Bangalore and beyond. They have done successful collaborations with some of the leading jewelry, fashion and lifestyle brands in India and consult on personal and corporate brand styling. Lofty Spectrums have also been roped in as the official grooming, styling and fashion consultants for several beauty pageants.

Anuja Pandey2

Anuja says, “It is not easy to keep track of the latest trends and serve what people love to see or read and also keep in mind what our clients have to offer, but what I do gives me immense satisfaction and I get to learn so much in the process”. Having only just come out of one her toughest years (losing her mother just before her 60th birthday, Anuja has come to realize that a lifetime is not enough with the ones you love, “so treasure love and relationships over everything else, treasure time and invest it wisely on people who matter.”

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As for her message to all the wonder women out there, Anuja says, “Love yourself, women are the most wonderful creations of nature, they are most capable – as they produce, nurture, and provide love and warmth. Appreciate other women, try to be the wind beneath the wings of another woman. Live, love and laugh.”

Passion Connect 

A lawyer specialized in Media and Entertainment Law from London Metropolitan University and a topper of her batch in Philosophy honours and masters from Hindu College, University of Delhi, Anuja Pandey’s love lies in writing poetries and theatre. Language and culture have been in her veins since childhood as her mother was a freelance writer and a literature gold medallist of her times.

Being in private sectors for many years, she chose to cater to her artistic side and shifted her focus of work to lifestyle and fashion blogging. is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog which is co-founded by Anuja Pandey and her brother Lucky as his sense of aesthetics finds appeal and beauty in the little things of life.

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“We love the nuances of fashion and travel! Travelling different places enhances your experience and escalates your sense of food, wine and culture and hence fashion. Every time it adds to our sensibilities, it makes us alive.”

Lofty Spectrums give voice to not only the reader’s interest but to brands and designers in Bangalore. In recent times, they have collaborated with eminent brands like Tanishq, Titan, Pallavi Foley, CKC, Lakme Fashion Week, Blackberrys, Red Tape, Unlimited, Myntra, Biba, Swarovski, Hidesign and many more. They offer styling consulting to clients (personal and brands), design promotional campaigns for various brands. They are also grooming, styling and fashion consultants for International Beauty Pageants. So Lofty Spectrums is a one-stop solution for every fashion aficionado.

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“My mother is my role model, my mentor, my philosopher, best friend and greatest love.”

Her sense of excellence and knack for achieving perfection has been the reason of how she continues to see and recognise extraordinary in what might appear ordinary to some. Anuja is full of life and adventure which is one thing everybody should learn from her. She believes in no regrets in life but to learn from your mistakes and move on. “Cogito ergo sum” – “Think hard before any action” is her philosophy.

Her message to people who wants to follow on her path – “If you want to do something, and you feel passionate about it then you must give it a try. Don’t undermine your qualities and your capabilities. You don’t need to be a graduate in that particular field to pursue it, just believe in yourself, do self-assessment and be true to what you are. Age and qualifications don’t matter, mind matters, positivity matters.”