“It’s hard to imagine a town with more joie de vivre!” Niagara-on-the-Lake, often called the loveliest town in Ontario, has a long and distinguished history. NOTL which is a town in south Ontario where the Niagra river meets Lake Ontario in the south, is a few kilometres from Niagra falls and is indeed very scenic.
The Old Town is made for walking and the countryside spreads out below the Escarpment and is dotted with vineyards. So it is home to many wineries in Canada.

The town is home to the Shaw Festival, a series of theatrical productions featuring the works of George Bernard Shaw, his contemporaries, or plays about his era (1856–1950), running from April to November. The festival operates three theatres in the centre of town: the Festival, Royal George, and Court House , one of the top repertory companies in the world featuring plays by Shaw Festival, musicals, comedies and provocative dramas and I got an opportunity to watch one and satiate the literature starved student and art-lover in me. It definitely is the signature experience of the Niagra on the lake, the quaint village-town.

I believe I arrived at the right time when the various festivals are in full swing, flowers in their full bloom, crowd totally happy and energised with sunshine spreading across their smiles. In fact it is definitely canadian prettiest town, and this is the season when it is participating in the national edition 2016, communities in bloom and hence as I strolled down the picturesque queens street, it was in its full bloom. It is one time of the year when the cheer and energy is infectious, one can take a bicycle and bike around the prettiest town, or else take a ride on the carriage drawn by handsome,Siberian horses, or else could just walk around and eat a chocolate fudge made locally. The house to maple syrup, ice wine and the yummiest food, happy and beautiful faces who indeed are very warm and welcoming, niagra on the lake is an apt place for a festive, full of verve holiday with children and family. The town is home to the best wineries and vineyards and I intend to spend a day at vineyard in days to come, all for the love of wine.

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The lively queens street has one of the best restaurants and food you can gorge on, the best of The Canadian designers’ boutiques meeting more than the needs of a fashionista.The NOTL is a village that looks like straight out of fairytales, the delight for a literature lover, culinary thrill for a food lover, wineries for wine tasting, its a travellers’ heaven, equally, for a honeymooner, a family with kids and a couple who are in their grey years, this village town caters to all, and in a manner so lucid. The farmers’ orchards of fruits and fresh produce are really the harvest of grit and hard work in a place like this which is so cold and all snowy for almost three quarter of the year. We had some salads which were served from farm to table, a crispy and crunchy experience. Queenston heights is one such place where we intend to have a BBQ and picnic with family today, the lawns and the place is so scenic. The NOTL has been declared as the national heritage district as the district is dominated by the classically-designed buildings erected during the period from 1815 to 1859. Most buildings retain their original siting close to the road and are of similar design, materials and scale, and the majority of buildings have been restored by the residents. The queen-Pictor area includes major heritage buildings and historic sites. We went to Shop for designer deals at Canada’s largest open-air outlet shopping centre. The Outlet Collection at Niagara  which is home to an amazing collection of retailers including Banana Republic, J. Crew, Michael Kors and dozens more. The day full of hot chocolates, lots of good food, cheer and fun with family, long walks and biking. I would want to finish with the quote of G.B.SHAW, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven”.



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