The first of its kind, this ad really makes it sure that women are seen as how they want to be seen, empowered , athletic on all days, determined, and more than an equal. For being the creator, women have been worshipped in our Indian society in the form of Devi and her various forms. It is only Prakriti which gives birth to Purusha in Indian philosophy, hence the prayer of Mother Earth , the goddess , the all powerful woman as creator and as derstroyer( Kali ma). Thus it has been said by the sages in Sanskrit shlokas, “Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra Devtah“, implying where the women is given the position of respect and honour, where she is prayed as being the janani, there only Gods will reside and hence will follow the prosperity and progress in such society. Hence as society, we need to realise that a woman is all- powerful and she needs to be recognised and not berated, ill-treated or mocked at, a woman is the source of all that is, the beginning and the sustaining power of this civilisation

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