“Fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum,” says British Vogue’s deputy editor Emily Sheffield. “It’s a part of everyday conversation so Vogue has always focused on a wide variety of personalities: performers, writers, artists, politicians — and sportsmen and women too.” In the run up to the 2016 Olympics games, all the glossy fashion magazines around the world had the sportspersons in the spotlight. Whether portrayed as heroines who have beat the odds, gladiatorial icons decked out in on-trend activewear brands or muscular heartthrobs posing with slinky fashion models, these editorials are a testament to the increasingly interconnected nature of sports and fashion, for the simple reason that these sports people are so inspiring.

These fashion magazines have the potential to capture the resilience of athletic achievement and marry it with powerful imagery of equally ambitious sartorial prowess. Why not have a look at the most fashionable sports stars and their portrayal in various magazines.


Boxer Nicola Adams in UK Vogue


Synchronised swimmer Gemma Mengual and gymnast Carolina Rodrigues in Harper Bazar- Spain


Sprinter Josh Clarke and swimmer Cameron Mcenvoy in GQ Australia


Synchronised swimmers Olivia Federici and Katie Clark and dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin in UK HARPER’s BAZAAR


A round up of the sexiest male Olympians in Elle Italy


Brazilian athletes and world’s top model Caroline Ribeiro on the cover of Vogue Brasil


Gymnast Gabby Douglas in Teen Vogue


Triathlete Emma Moffat and Paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole in vogue Australia


“A lot of fashion brands are responsible for the design of the official Olympic team of their countries, such as Lacoste for France, Stella McCartney for UK and Ralph Lauren for the US. Hermès, for example, is the official sponsor of the Brazilian equestrian team.Many a critics have been of the opinion that  fashion is  just objectifying male or female body, but we see it is about our perception; rather it could also be awe inspiring, motivating and content oriented, celebrating the grit, determination and the unimaginable potentialities of human form and body.  ( to be cont.)

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