Skin care is not a luxury, it is a lifestyle. It’s imperative to have a skincare routine to combat pollution, but it has to be brief and do-able. I believe most of us like products with a punch, that allow us to do our thing without taking up too much time.

A glam skin aesthetic studio that is brightly lit, playing alternative R & B tunes is not an answer to all your skin woes unless your daily skin routine is in place. A routine is incomplete without serums. “They are absorbed into the skin, making them an ideal next step post cleansing the face. There are different variants of serums, each having unique qualities and ingredients.
A few serums help in illuminating the skin, while some reduce signs of ageing and boost hydration. The most common serums used today are those which contain vitamins and hyaluronic acid,” says Dr Ruby Sachdev, aesthetic dermatologist, regional dermat, VLCC Health Care.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C serums help reverse damage from pollutants. Vit C mixed with glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, thus giving clarity and brightness to the skin. Adding it to your morning routine (before application of sunscreen) is a perfect way to prevent premature ageing.

Hyaluronic acid
These serums work best for hydration. This is perfect for plumping, boosting moisture levels, thus quenching dry and dehydrated skin. It’s amazing for super sensitive skin and works like magic.

Glycolic acid
These serums work on resurfacing, it visibly relieves fine lines, wrinkles and surface imperfections. When mixed with retinol, it becomes a powerful anti-ageing serum, since it boosts collagen production and makes skin smoother and firmer.

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Epidermal Growth Factor
EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor is a powerful collagen builder and anti-ageing serum. “If you have heard of vampire facelifts, PRP facials and growth factor treatments for face, you can look forward to having customised skin care serums and creams designed with your own growth factors. Doctors draw your blood and make platelet-rich plasma which is further concentrated and incorporated into a serum. This product in India will only be out after trials, but we may have something to look forward to in the later half of this year,” says Dr Shuba Dharmana, founder-director, LeJeune Skin and LeJeune Medspa.

Alpha arbutin is the glow getter or brightening serum. This is probably the safest since it’s botanically made. When coupled with lactic acid, it helps revive dull, uneven skin, and treats dark spots and boosts overall radiance.

Using skin serums
You have to listen to your skin and find a serum that comes in right strength and concentration. A serum could be used to supercharge your makeup………..
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