HidesignXdisney – bags and marvel comics super-heroine #Hidesign and #Disney collaborated to celebrate the Disney’s #beautyandthebeast live action movie and The Enchanted collection is born.

I got this opportunity to style my looks with this beautiful, breathtaking collection which is any girl’s favourite story, a fairytale ending is what we all want. Every girl is a Princess and a Beauty in her own right. And this classy enigmatic collaboration makes it sure you feel like you are in your own world where you are the Beauty. These bags are classic, young and heart warming.

They are embossed leather with lovely descriptions of the live story. So I picked two and this blog is dedicated to the white one, which is a very young and casual choice. It shows the blooming #belle . It is perfect for a #date, day outing with your boyfriend or friends. I chose to wear the super heroine outfit of #marvelcomics , the #peggycarter.
marvelcomicsI love superhero, who doesn’t want to be one and having grown up with two boys my fancy was always to be a flying super power heroine and not a princess. She is more than just the girlfriend of #captainamerica but my age old crush on him makes me wear this ( I better admit this).

So I wore this blue dress in a total contrasting fashion. Let me admit this that I have tried to combine the two conflicting sides of me, that every woman has… the Beauty who loves and the Peggy Carter who, despite her love affair with the strongest guy, fights and has many a skills and fighter spirit in her.

HidesignXDisney2 HidesignXDisney7 HidesignXDisney6 HidesignXDisney5 HidesignXDisney3 HidesignXDisney4

This is what we all women are, loving and seeking love and also fighters. So this enchanted collection goes out for all you women and my blog is to the never conquered spirit of a true woman.

Muuwaah Spiritedly yours, Softy ( who is in love) 😍❤

=Outfit Details=
Bag: Hidesign
Dress- #MarvelComics
Makeup –Benefit

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