“Getting ready” . to a few this statement sounds getting ready for a problem or a mission ,to a few getting ready for work or a party a survey shows 85 percent of women get happy by just by getting ready but how do get the spark in our outfit enough to turn a potential bad day into a rather good day . According to me the sparkle can be just by some simple accessories

Why accessories?

accessories as I said before can turn our outfit around . Accessories add an edge to your  style. It could  also add glamour and an elegant touch to your outfit. Accessories can be worn on casual day or  an important event . Designers  suggest accessories  to add boldness  to an outfit and create a style statement .   They also play an important role in displaying  your personality and they look eye-catching too.

Accessories have  power enough to transform   simple outfits into a bold and fashionable ones. Accessorizing is also a great way of displaying our personality, after all we all do remember Harper from ‘wizards of Waverly place’, for her customized exiting accessories,  so lets see how we can use this power to our everyday life

Some tips

comfort– accessories should be in the comfort zone and essential for you to like it and feel beautiful rather than feeling conscious all day

Don’t over do it

wear a lot of accessories can be overwhelming to look at after all coco Chanel said ” when accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on “


Wise choice –

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making the wise choice in accessories is essential as it can make or break an outfit choosing when a elegant pendant to should go to when some chunky rings should  be put on display


Belt from DKNY


Bali Trinkets


Crystal Belts


MACY’s Newyork

accessories3 accessories10 accessories9



Forever new


Payal gifted by my most darling Usha aunty


Kate Spade


And last thing you must remember :

your beautiful are.
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