It’s a beautiful summer day and you’re about to head out on a weekend adventure. The ice box in the car is packed with sodas and juices, your beach bag is stocked with essentials and you’ve slathered on the sunscreen but is your hair protected? Exposure to UV can fade color, cause dryness and make your tresses look brittle and dull.

Hask’s new hair care collection utilizes the nurturing benefits of Kalahari Melon found in the African desert. This adaptable fruit thrives in the most hostile conditions and retains moisture in one of the driest environments on the plant which makes it ideal for color-treated, dry or damaged hair. The protective shield complex counteracts everyday washing (which I don’t recommend) and heat styling to prevent dyes from fading. Although I don’t color my hair, the UV blockers also help maintain natural color hydration, shine and vibrancy.

The products in the collection are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, gluten and artificial colors making them safe for all hair types. The replenishing shampoo smells amazing and is loaded with nourishing cranberry, melon and sunflower oils to gently cleanse and rid the scalp of dirt, oil and build-up. Because the formula does not contain harsh detergents like most shampoos on the market, it won’t strip away too much natural sebum or cause brittleness and irritation.


The Color Protection Conditioner has many of the same ingredients as the shampoo with a creamy consistency that efficiently coats each strand to soften, shine and detangle without weighing down my hair.


Since my hair tends to be on the dry side, I use a deep conditioner every week to boost moisture, prevent breakage and reduce the occurrence of split-ends. The Hask Treatment Mask has the same UV shield to protect color and prevent damage with a lush, ultra-nourishing formula that gives  hydration. The packet is great for vacation and contains enough conditioner for 1-2 treatments so I’m carrying it in my  beauty bag all this while when I’m travelling. hair3

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With every Hask collection there is a great treatment oil! The vial may look small but a little goes a long way and the lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs well to provide radiant sheen and suppleness. I use it all the time to control frizziness in my hair.


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