dazzle-miss-and-Mrs-india-international3Pallavi-Foleydazzle-miss-and-Mrs-india-international-Pallavi-Foley1The journey to Colombo has been a remarkable one when #loftyspectrums groomed the girls on stage presence and gave it out all to the contestants on style and fashion, the red carpet looks, the accessorising and jewellery; the right things to be worn on stage and most importantly the right attitude to shine and rock the stage.

My look for the same was styled by none other than the best jewellery designer of INDIA, Pallavi Dudeja Foley and she made sure I look what I profess, ie, a Style Diva.
She gave me an immensely stylish look with her latest collection named “flame of the forests” that was recently showcased at India International Jewellery Week 2017 and the show stopper was none other than the beautiful #yamigautam.


Pallavi’s jewellery is all it takes a woman to dazzle and look Look exquisite. This jewellery when worn by woman gives you an aura of undeniable charm and elegance.
This collection is in Pallavi’s words, ”an  ode to bangalore” since these orange flowers are strewn all over the streets of bangalore when it rains. This collection appreciates and enhances the grace of a woman, these blooming flowers on which the jewellery is named make sure you are a head turner.
Each piece is a statement piece, whether it is the single earring I’m wearing or the flower that sits like a crown on my hair and makes me feel so amazingly feminine and a style Diva. I have braided the chain of this piece in my hair.


The flat bangle is again an impressive piece of art with intricate carvings of that of a flower. Every piece is an artistic creation and is to die for and a must have in every woman’s trinket box.
These contemporary pieces can be worn with élan and style along with western wear thus making it all the more droolworthy.
Every piece is a revival of traditional work but with a very modern approach and contemporary look to it that makes it an affair to remember, a jewellery which every lady would want to wear with all sorts of attire and on all occasions.

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The flame of the forest is a flower that is offered to lord Shiva in order to please him and Pallavi Foley has breathed in life to our Indian culture with this collection. In today’s world when craftsmanship and artistic adaptation of it has reached an apogee; she has revived the traditions and mythology and adopted it in an artistic and modern taste; thereby making it all the more inspiring and gorgeous.

I wore it with a champagne sequinned skirt and brocade off shoulder top and tried to do justice to this jewellery and it imparted to me a feeling of no less than a contemporary royal. The touch of this pious flower jewellery makes me feel I’m romancing again, but this time with myself, cheers to womanhood !!!

dazzle-miss-and-Mrs-india-international7 dazzle-miss-and-Mrs-india-international6

My walk on Ramp


Pallavi Foley jewellery is available at-

Yami gautam Show

=Dazzle Miss and Mrs INDIA International=

Im wearing outfit by –Raj shroff
Location- Colombo
Hotel Mount Lavinia