Pallazos with a crop top- make a great pair
Pallazos with a crop top- make a great pair
Pallazos with a crop top- make a great pair
I don’t usually wear a Pallazo pant since they give no shape or structure to the body, being so fluid n darapey. And to carry it with a loose blouse or top is a big no-no for anybody unless they have a body of a model, tall and slim. So the only thing that is happening with Pallazos,according to me, is a crop top. Although there might be various ways to wear it but if you wanna look uber cool then this is the look for you.
Pallazos in solid colour give a great look of you wear it along with a crop top or even a tank top.
Pallazos have their merit too, being so fluid, flowing and airy, they are definitely the comfort wear and if u add a glam top they can make for a perfectly feminine evening look.
I have chosen a solid black Pallazo with a side slit and solid blue corset top for the evening and I have gone blue eyes n nude lips to add glamour to the look. Since blue and bold eyes are ruling the ramp so you could go for a bolder look too with more drama to your eyes. I like to tie up a neat high pony to finish the look.

Outfit details:

Forever new
Shoes: DKNY 
Location: taj Westend
Photo credits: Sandeep 

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