Good food good life…

Rejuvenate yourself after the indulgences of the holidays with the wellness guide curated for you and your body with recipes that replenish, rejuvenate and recharge you. The book “Positive Eating” by the Radhika Toshniwal is a bundle of Pure recipes that are clean and healthy yet delicious indulging your taste buds, thereby, making it a physical n mental affair, mindfully crafted for you to nourish yourself, both inside and out.

Acclaimed Sports Nutritionist Radhika Toshniwal Launched her book ‘Positive Eating, A Guide To Everyday Health & Nutrition with Easy-to-Cook Recipes’. The book is the brain-child of the author who is an expert nutritionist with the drive to promote healthy eating habits among the populace. In this season of new beginnings, new tidings and new promises & resolutions, this book comes as an aid to help us take our steps towards reaching our goals of healthy, clean and green eating and lifestyle.

Our body is like a temple and we need to take care of it by right diet, detoxification, and mindful eating. “Positive Eating” by Radhika Toshniwal who is a practicing nutritionist is written by her keeping in mind the people she meets & their health concerns. This book is like a coffee table or kitchen book that recognizes how our bodies are in need of some tender loving care and Radhika has replaced ingredients in everyday life with healthier options, staying true to her belief that food should be simple, healthy and yummy. She has taken in flavours from all over the world while traveling and reinvented a lot of recipes experimenting in interesting ways.

Many of us have been travelling this New Years and holiday season, eating a lot of unwanted stuff and drinking too as we were celebrating the season of love and togetherness in the warm company of our loved ones ( I, for sure was binging on all sort of amazing dessert and cakes, drinks and various kinds of cuisines this Christmas). And now is the time to build healthy eating habits so as to lead more nourished lives and hence I have already started trying out these simple recipes as we finish the first week of the new year 2019. Almost all recipes take between 10-20 mins to prepare. They are interesting and scrumptious, fancy yet simple. These recipes can replace a lot of our fatty party food as they look lavish and taste heavenly.

The book has been divided into alkalizers like kale, ridge gourds, turmeric, sweet potato etc and energizers like cereals, quinoa, amaranth… The recipes given for each is more than one. The author has taken care that there are simple yet delicious salads, chutneys, dips, stews, curries, turmeric latte, soups n dressings.

These are the amazing recipes I personally loved- ridge gourd chutney, almond milk kheer, buckwheat crepes, amaranth crusted chicken, the quinoa pizza with hummus, stuffed zucchini rolls, cauliflower rice etc …the amazing recipes are wholesome, quick to prepare, therapeutic. Radhika Toshniwal has also discussed foods that cause allergies, and foods that solve problems like constipation, acidity, hangovers.

We are what we eat and hence food is medicine, food is merriment and as someone wisely said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”

For an effortless transition, this book offers a delectable way to sip and eat through healthier body and spirit, inspiring one to take on the journey of positive eating. The author has artistically taken ingredients and made them into recipes that we don’t think of often and what more they are easy to prepare. Believe me, if I’m saying this then any of us can cook as I’m not the sorts who would like to spend any more than 25 mins in the kitchen.

Speaking on the occasion of the release of her first book, Radhika said, “Our lifestyles are such that more often than not we have to make do with quick meals which can be prepared and consumed within 10-20 minutes. Since junk food is the easiest and commonly available option, despite knowing its harmful effects it is eaten freely. I realized that there is a gap in the public knowledge about the healthy foods which are also easy to prepare. The book aims to fill that gap as it offers a deep and easy understanding about the essential nutrition that food should provide. This includes information about trendy vegetables and immunity boosters as well as highlights millennial concerns about health and grub.”

This happens to be my first blog of the year since I want you all & me too to start this year with positive energy, positive thinking that follows Positive Eating…let’s eat our ways to happier healthier and relaxed selves, here’s wishing you all #happynewyear2019

Ps – my next blog is gonna be up live tomorrow and it’s on how I styled my New Years look with a twist so stay glued lovelies 💖 for fashion will follow but first health!!!