Introducing the new BC fibre clinix! Bengaluru welcomes the all-new BC Bonacure and fibre clinix with a lot of enthusiasm & vigor. It’s a new breakthrough and it takes hair repair to the next level. So the hairstylists would be able to cleanse treat and boost your hair with fibre clinix. It’s a salon exclusive hair service for all hair types. And as the #myschwazkopf family celebrated its launch in Bengaluru for this special range of hair care, notable hair stylists, influencers and hair experts came together to celebrate this revolution in hair care.

So there have been three innovative technologies that have been brought to reinvent BC fibre clinix :

  1. Micellar technology introduces effective cleansing without its harsh effects. So it’s used in order to conquer drying effect that follows cleansing. So it’s being used n incorporated in each shampoo by BC.
  2. The trending skin care uses technology molecules that are supremely efficacious in taking care of skin and that’s what has been inspired the hair care. This makes Schwazkopf a solution for most of the hair concerns.
  3. Cell perfector technology makes sure that each of the protein lipids on outer layer of your hair are replaced thereby making them healthy.

So the new range of these products are ensuring effective cleansing, efficient solutions to hair problems and also takes care of hair from inside to outside.For strengthening and improving the hair texture there are peptides that take care of the damaged hair. Hyaluronic acid in the serums and boosters and shampoos n conditioners rehydrates the hair. As we all know hyaluronic acid rehydrates your hair and in today’s stressful environment our hair is robbed of moisture. There are many more ingredients which suit today’s modern lifestyle that cruelly leaves your hair limp and unhealthy. 

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The event had a presentation and discussion on the products which was followed by personal consultation and treatment vouchers that would suit each hair type. My hair is dry and frizzy so I got my dose of shampoos, mask, conditioner, and serum to take care of the same. The treatment will follow soon for me and Lucky at the salon when I will be posting more on my Instagram channel stories and feed. The wine and dinner served by @JW Marriot was nothing less than superb.

So the technological revolution is here as Schwarzkopf brings in each product infused to give bounce and oomph to your hair thereby making you #believeinconfidence with @schwazkopfindiaSo keep bouncing and loving and go through this new range of products. Cheers 🥂