Styling your hair can give you a complete make-over. Hair styling is also a reflection of your mood and persona. A well-coiffed style can do wonders to enhance an individual’s beauty and confidence.

Hassle and damage-free hair styling

Styling requires heat, chemical-laden sprays and tools that sometimes damage your hair. But with the advent of technology, there are hair styling tools that have intelligent heat control, thus saving your hair from getting damaged, while giving a super voluminous, trendy and unique appearance. Sandra Lup, lead design engineer, personal care, Dyson, says, “Studies have shown that damage from overheating comes from using hair dryers or stylers over an excessive period of time or at very high temperatures.

When hair is exposed to extreme temperatures, its protein structure can change irreversibly. These changes cause the hair to become weaker and less elastic, which increases the likelihood of broken strands and split ends. Damaged hair doesn’t just become weak; it loses its natural shine, causing the cuticles to become rough. When light hits these areas, it scatters in all directions instead of reflecting straight back in a single direction, causing a dull look.”
Worried about the damage, many don’t style their hair. Lup further adds, “It’s a keen understanding of hair and knowing how to manage it that led us to finding new technology that deliver better ways to style hair.”

Looks for the season 

Bangs & Fringes

Grow out fringes and unruly bangs are a summer reality for many. Here are a few cues and tips for styling from Amy Johnson, global lead stylist, Dyson.
Always blow dry the fringe after washing: Leaving it to dry naturally can cause annoying kinks or misdirected hair strands, resulting in a fringe that just won’t sit right.
“While blow drying, try lifting the roots up with a brush until the hair is almost dry. Then blast air downwards on the fringe to soften the shape. This will give volume and help the fringe sit more naturally,” says Johnson.
To add shape to sweeping bangs, the fringe needs to be styled away from the face.


Soft, airy blow out 

Start with freshly-washed hair. Towel dry it.
Always use your preferred styling products, such as a smoothening cream,  hair oil or leave in a conditioner before blow drying it.
Finish with a hold spray that is light and doesn’t weigh the hair down. “Lift the hair upwards, away from the head using a flat or round brush, and hold the hair up until dry to create volume and lift. Next, dry the mid-lengths and ends, positioning the smoothing nozzle down the hair section. This will help align the cuticles in the hair, giving it a smooth, natural finish,” suggests Johnson.