“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”
Leo Tolstoy

Change -Your Life2Routines can be a wonderful thing. Consistency brings comfort, and with comfort comes ease. Plus, we can become incredibly efficient at accomplishing the task at hand – cooking a meal, putting on makeup, traveling from one place to the next…

But there’s one thing about routines I’m not so fond of: They can easily place our minds elsewhere, closing us out from the goings-on around us. The monotony of doing the same thing again and again means we often don’t really have to think about what we’re doing, and instead our minds may choose to wander and wander until suddenly we’ve gotten from point A to point B with no recollection of the journey. And what matters, as they say, is the journey and not the destination. Since we don’t realise but it is the wonderful journey that maketh the life as we live, it imparts the feelings that compose our lives, the essence of life is hence in living  every moment and realising it at the same time , cherishing it and not in mechanical passage of time.

Today, take it upon yourself to make a change in your day. It doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be different. The change itself may not affect your life immensely, but that one small alteration opens up a million possibilities – of faces to meet, of places to explore… And a few more small changes? Suddenly you’ll find yourself living in what seems like a whole new world. A world where new experiences seem to throw themselves at you, and you – with your new outlook – jump to take on each one.

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So today, part your hair a different way or may be go for a new hair cut. That beautiful dress with the buttons down the front – flip it around and see if it works with the buttons in the back. Order your favorite tea – but from a brand new café. Don’t drive to work – ride your bike or take a public transport, talk to people who you don’t know, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.Jot down notes in script instead of print. Take a walk after lunch. Say hi to someone new. Watch that movie your friend keeps telling you about. Make dinner plans with your parents and gift them a bunch of flowers or may be a hand written note. Before you walk through your front door, look up towards the sky and thank the universe. In the evening, burn a stick of incense instead of lighting a candle. And why not volunteer to counsel or read out to people in hospitals . Do make some changes in life which force you to think of others apart from you, why not try and help out people who have nobody for them and not to mention it to anybody for the true happiness lies in giving and giving to those of us who are not so blessed. Change is the only constant according to Buddhist philosophy.

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