Who doesn’t remember the childhood days and the colourful bright candies we used to get as rewards for the responsibilities we might share with our parents? Those were also the days of the ‘candy floss wala’ in school fetes, and the bubble gum that we would blow out to be the cool kid. Nostalgia creeps in when you reminisce those bright days of childhood. But today’s about colours. The natural world is full of colours, colours that attract attention, colours that blend, colours that create extraordinary displays.

And spring-summer trend is about these bright, wonderful hues of our wonder years, the bubbly bubble gum pinks that have been all over the ramp. The bright pinks are the hottest colour of this season for obvious reasons, the shades of this tone are soothing and make a statement. The acclaimed fashion designer Rina Dhaka says, “Bubble gum pink is a summer trend which brings a new summer freshness to the fabric. It’s both sporty and works well in Indian terms too.
Being a little away from an earlier fluorescent trend, it’s flattering and there’s no chance of missing a person in this colour.” The pink trend [the electric tones to the bubble gum powdery shades] is not only confined to outfits and dresses, it goes beyond that to influence our accessories as well the sunglasses, clutches, duffle bags in neon pinks or even the furry slippers… there has to be a hint of pink to be summer-ready. Finally, who wouldn’t want to see the world through a pink lens, happy and bright? Mamta Roy, founder Odette.in, a popular accessory brand, says, “From bubble gum Barbie to Tumblr-approved pastel, the colour pink has gone through a transformation over the last two decades. And it isn’t going away anytime soon. Pinks are surely having a moment.”

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Be it a business jacket in powder pink or a bright poplin oversized shirt, a hot pink leather skirt or a romantic flowing outfit in solid pink, it’s just everywhere, propelling it to our top fashion wish list.
Shalini Jaikaria (Creative Director, Geisha Designs) shares her view about this kaftan from their design house as she says, “Inspired by the bright colours of Skittles/gems… the dress is designed to take you on an exploration of childhood ‘sweet’ memories, into a world which was innocent and secure. where we were care-free and all our needs were met. An easy kaftan for indulgence at the comfort of one’s home.”

Even while you are within the confines of your home, you certainly must feel good and pinks alleviate so much of stress. The key to wearing this shade is to take it in everyday wear – sporty outfits could be teamed with pink sneakers and shades, a pair of powder pink pants could be worn with a printed pink cotton top. Mix it with other colours, keep it solid or accessorise with the pinks – there are no don’ts with this trend. Millennial pink is the colour to invest in as anti-neutral is in, hence pushing bubble gum pink officially on the fashion map and in your wardrobe.