Paris was raining as I landed here, unlike Paris and quite like London, with showers drenching us unpredictably and sky a dull grey; while all I remember of Paris was colorful romantic skies. But the moment I sat in the ‘taxi’ for the hotel and entered the city, the fleeting sight of buildings brought me back the warmest thoughts and times when I had visited here for the first time.

And no sooner had I spent a night here, the sun smiled on us as we went to The Louvre and I immediately realized that I surely love this beautiful city, the very Parisian charm and touch to everything that shall not leave you untouched, leaving a soft memory and smile on your face when you reminisce it later.

Paris is a city that grows on you, it’s not what you see here, rather it’s what you experience here sometimes
I feel we live our life most passionately when we are traveling. Traveling leaves our senses more receptive and opens up our hearts and minds. (Remembering that jingle of Nescafe that was popular 20 years back when I was in college, open up…tataratatararra). And as I shuttle from old Paris to the new in no time in the metros, I shuttle the times when I first came here as a brand new polished, happy n affectionate wife to the times now when I travel as an independent, facially polished, an upgraded version of the woman in me; times certainly change you and hence does the experience and perception of the same city too.

There’s so much to do in Paris; there’s opera, theatre, moulin rouge shows, walks in the Tuileries gardens, there’s art on every street and corner and there are art lovers. And then there is the River Seine that flows through the heart of the city. A cruise of river Seine is a must if you wish to get some wonderful Instagrammable clicks of Eiffel tower and much more, specially the lover’s bridge where lovers have locked their love for eternity.

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There’s also another lovers’ lock place in Old Paris right in front of the stairs of Sacre Couer Church and yes, I marked and locked my love for eternity there in the presence of skies and wind as the ether stood between us.

Like Thomas Jefferson said “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”

Its an experience to really live the real Paris like as a Parisian would. When I say this I imply that apart from visiting the landmark places of historical importance or places that we associate Paris with, it is a cardinal crime if we don’t explore culture, art, music and theatre, the terrace cafes and the socializing importance they hold for a Parisian. You got to live like one, to inhale and breathe the love and romance that is in the air of Paris to really know what Paris is. It’s the city with pink skies, a city where there are streets that are abuzz with fashion, music, and artists.

Montmartre is one place anyone would love to go, its picturesque streets and the artists with their interpretation of the various seasons of this beautiful city are in every corner. And their inviting warm faces, yeah, Bonjour, you are certainly beautiful if you are in Paris. On this note, I wish to tell you how pretty I felt while getting my portrait done on the insistence of the artist and my family while the passers-by (art lovers) looked at the portrait and then me with such amicable expressions. Paris certainly makes you beautiful overnight.

The corner shops and their warm waffles and crepes and the smiles of people that could melt the icecreams, the inviting rich aroma of brewing coffee emanating from the cafes that buzz with the bees like the hum of well-dressed women as they indulge in never-ending chats and giggles, the musicians playing instrument & singing and unknowingly imparting a certain zing to your walk, the fashion boutiques invoking the fashionista in you, the impeccable theatrical performances that leave you awe-struck ( yes, art does leave me starstruck every time as though I saw it for the very first time); these are the experiences that you collect and live, Paris certainly leaves you intoxicated each time you go. It doth grow on you.

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And then when we walk through the streets of old Paris we finally reach the top where the Sacre Couer church resides. Don’t forget to walk the stairs of this place which hover the most stunning view of the great city.

We all love this city for its Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Champ Elysses and the Notre Dame that is going through reconstruction for the damage that had happened recently. And I loved visiting The Latin Quarter for cheap eats and Saint Germain des Pres for Boutiques.

If you are a dog lover then you would Particularly enjoy watching the dogs that strut the streets of this fashion capital making an adorable and yet again a fashionable sight with various kinds of hair cuts, styles and hues and their outfits (omg, they are capable of giving a woman inferiority complex and any parent of a kid could take a cue or two on the upbringing part since people in France & Europe groom their pets really well).

I love Paris and each time I go, I see it in a different light. It changes colors like the lights of majestic towering Eiffel Tower and seals my heart with a very genuinely happy feel…yes, quoting Hemingway I must say Paris is a moveable feast !!

Anuja Pandey