Beauty, when we hear this word what comes to our mind is Angelina Jolie,
Priyanka chopra, selalena Gomez,  Deepika Padukone and
other women with perfect bodies, symmetrical  facial features and
long legs with gracious smiles that tingle on their structured face at all times.

what-is-beauty1 what-is-beauty2

Is that really what beauty mean, after all there is no definition of beauty
is there? Now the question stands tall what does beauty mean to you ?

what does beauty mean to me

To me beauty is when you look at yourself in the mirror and say  “WOW”
and you don’t need anyone’s opinion because you have yours.

 Beauty is when a selfless act is performed without expectations.

Beauty is when you posses an a personality ,everyone may not
approve of, but the ones that truly love you always will.

Beauty is when you reach great heights but still are the same for the
people you met before reaching those heights.

Beauty is non-apologetic   but forgiving.

Beauty is when you posses an aura everyone wants to be around.

BUT most importantly beauty is simply YOU,

so don’t change yourself .your beautiful the way you are and YOU my friend don’t
need anyone to tell you that.



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