Sri Lanka– this island is seduced all of Europe; the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English. Only a short hop across the water from India, we have a southern neighbour who make a compelling destination for so many reasons. Part of this fantastic land is it’s abundance of incredible cinnamon, which made it a key pitstop on the Spice route. It has a lot to be seen, Buddhist temples, tea estates, scenic hilly towns and its jungles where we could trek for hours and spend an afternoon worthy to be remembered forever.

My one day in Colombo

High rise building and luxury hotels in contrast to the colonial architecture typical of the old town make it a treat. This “garden city of the east” has many cool eateries, galleries and shops abound, there’s a whole lot on offering for someone who is looking to explore the cultural and evolving social landscape of this city.

Food is sunshine in abundance. There is sunshine laced on coconuts bowls of curry and spicy sambol served with steaming string hoppers. Excellent places to eat- MINISTRY OF CRAB is probably Sri Lanka’s best known restaurant which serves great sea food and sits in a old Dutch building. It’s on the spendy end of city’s eating spectrum.

Lavish resorts and hotels make it appropriate place for wedding and modelling shoots.

Beaches and water sports make for a fun time if you are with a group of friends. I had a rejuvenating time timing about the town for shopping an amazing silks and stones. Then the resort where we stayed offered some scenic places for shoot. I’m wearing @laxmikrishnalabel and @rubansaccessories. The evening sunset time made the pics come out lovely. There’s a thing for each one of us there, be it a foodie or fashionista, a jungle lover or water baby.

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I went around spending some crazy time with my friends in water sports.

The sound of tuktuks and lazy afternoons make it a gorgeous lil getaway in the heart of it all.


=Yours Truly=
Anuja Pandey


In collaboration with Ministry of Sri Lanka and Dazzle