“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu everyday”


As I had spoken in my previous blogs that I’m doing a series on my casual outings and formals too this summer, so here’s the #lookbook3 for this week. This look is my workout to go to co works space (read my office), to the luxury hotels for an evening meeting with a client if need be – Athleisure.

Athleisure is a concept that’s taken over the fashion world since last season. We have practically seen all models and stars in this look. So my #lookbook3 speaks of the same.

It’s an effortless style, it’s a fashion movement when your gym pants, yoga pants, shorts, tights, leggings, and sneakers can be worn outside gym to more casual or social settings.
This look can be carried to office and parties too and hence we realise that wearing sneakers to pub hopping is a trend these days (and what better way than to keep comfy while you dance your blues away).
So there’s no need to sweat over the questions like can you pull off leggings? What to wear when it’s scorching outside? Blah blah…

The styling can make a huge difference. So look for the biggest athleisure advocates like #KendallJenner and #GigiHadid and prepare to be inspired.

*Just wear your leggings with crop tops, layer it with a long vest.

*Pair it with tank tops.

*Just wear it with a top and add one accessory like a belt/choker to transform the look from gym to work space.

*Carry a tote bag to carry some accessories or light makeup to help you survive the day.

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Location courtesy @itcgardenia where I happened to go for a meeting and loved the heavenly flute that an artist plays in evening times when it’s dusk. My mother always says that it’s ideal to do an aarti or play some instrument at dusk time to draw positive energy into the environment and hence I not only enjoyed the beautiful music but also savoured it even more.

Leggings- @only

Blouse – Street pick from #Thailand

So the idea is to prepare to inspire and breathe easy in your yoga pants all day long. Have a fabulous week ahead ladies and keep inspiring!
Yours truly