It was a pleasant afternoon and I was the happiest as I sat sipping kahwa tea along with my gang of girls. Somehow, our conversation led to women who are working and how difficult it is to manage the work and home front both, and how equally challenging it is to be a full time homemaker and mommy. The challenges are not easy to meet and it is indeed a demanding job being a woman. Sooner than we realised, the discussion led to pitting working women against homemakers and all of us had our own predilections. Definitely, being a woman is demanding, exhausting, and yet so fulfilling.

Somewhere, somehow, we, in our quest to prove that we are no less than a superwoman, lose our own self. But why do we need a tag or someone else to acknowledge what we are and how we are. Does it determine our self worth? Finally you are the heroine of your own life then why prove. How we feel about ourselves is and should be independent of others’ opinion of us, why bow to someone else’s whims and ignorance of us.
There is no homemaker versus a professional woman. A woman is a woman. Period. Be the phenomenal woman you are. We don’t have to fit in gender stereotypes.I am quoting Francesca Lia Block,
“Just like any woman… We weave our own stories out of our bodies, some of us through our children, or our art; some do it just by living. It’s all the same.”
All of us are beautiful creation, a work of art, sculpted beautifully. Let’s appreciate that and stop judging or ridiculing or mocking others; instead be more receptive and open, be explorers and delve deeper within. Just tailoring your clothes won’t help, let us tailor our ‘self’, scissoring out the negatives, hemming the edges, being more rounded. Let the sartorial evolution of your self be born and you surely would be the showstopper.

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