And here I’m in the middle of a Sunday noon and staring at my wardrobe which looks like a movie in 60’s i.e. black & white and an added grey (coz its 2016) so I’ve few shades of grey too (if not 50). So I see some brightness coming from one corner of my wardrobe and whoa!! I see a colourful tee there which I bought in some colourful mood(read pun)but never got an opportunity to wear it in my 9-6 life. So I get an opportunity today to flash some colours in my friend’s lunch invite.

When I’m there and meeting my friends I’m getting some mixed bag reactions from my friends. My guy friends on one hand are criticising me for wearing so many colours in one t shirt whereas all their better halves (now I know why are they called so) are praising my choice and the way I’m able to carry it (though I just wore it out of boredom from blue black grey I was praised for not being regular I suppose). So guys lets be more metrosexual and allow some colours and prints in our wardrobe (who says all bright shades are for women) and celebrate Autumn. Cheers!!!

fashion-brunch outing8

fashion-brunch outing7

fashion-brunch outing6

fashion-brunch outing5

fashion-brunch outing4

fashion-brunch outing1

fashion-brunch outing3

{my co blogger who happens to be my sis is going to give a seperate post on what she is wearing}

[Outfit Details]
Tee-shirt – Zara men 

Breech Pants: study by Janak, delhi

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