Chokers are the latest trend now for almost a year. This accessory is being worn by celebrities to any college girl following the trends.From easy-to-DIY versions (Olivia Palermo uses a shoestring to get the look) to the latest embellished or simple styles available to shop, it’s a quick way to freshen up any outfit.Olivia Palermo is the queen of street style but the designer knows that not every piece has to be a splurge. The stunning model told her trick for rocking a choker necklace without spending a dime. “I think that you can play with different materials,” she said, advocating for even leather or suede. “You can take light, delicate ways of doing it. You can even take a shoelace and be really creative.”

And today, we’re sharing the latest trend within the choker trend to evolve in the fashion world: wearing multiple chokers at once. By mixing different materials and balancing size, the layered look makes for an updated way to take on the style. Curious? KendalJenner, Selena Gomez, and more celebrities have reinvented how to wear a choker necklace—and we’ve got proof.

Below, check out why one choker necklace just isn’t enough these days!


Selena Gomez:  fallon armure  watch strap leather  choker ($275)

Kendall Jenner : Fallon Monarch 100 Stone Choker ($400);

Selena Gomez :Fallon Armure Watch Strap Leather Choker ($275);

Hailey Baldwin 

Olivia Palmero



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