For the love of you my love who rules the throne of my heart, I shall wear  sari…as and when n how I want. (my limitations as I am a woman of today, kya karein)

For the love of sarees, for the love of Indianness, for the love of my most gorgeous and regal Mother, I shall wear sari and jewellery…hold on to your memories as they hold you tight at moments.

For the expression of forceful feminine urge of fluidity and spontaneity, I shall wear Sari.

For the love of gorgeousness coupled with grace, splendour and aesthetics I shall redefine it my ways, yes, so I have restyled a sari for this blog.

For the love and sake of the  “parmapara, samman and pratishtha” I shall wear sari while I’m paramparik but let the world know if they perceive it this ways.

For I don’t care about such beings yet let’s celebrate the sari, most beautiful six yards of cloth that is a symbol of our culture, so again for the love of my very own culture that seeps into my system as much as love does, I shall wear saris.

For the sake of those who see sari as a luxury outfit, we shall make it convenient and style it and restyle it again and again.

For those who think sari is not for those events when spirits are celebrated (yes, pun intended) I shall wear saris.

So recently India and Bangalore saw the launch of JIANGXIAOBAI Pure. Setting itself apart from other traditional Chinese spirits, JIANGXIAOBAI has subverted the stereotype of Chinese baijiu and braced a young and creative energy. In China, JIANGXIAOBAI has risen to be the most popular domestic baijiu brand among young adults, allowing baijiu to once again be favoured by the young generation. JIANGXIAOBAI’s traditionally crafted local spirits have realized the brand’s proclaimed “Renaissance of the Old Flavor”.  JIANGXIAOBAI’s spirits are distilled at Jiangji Distillery located directly on the banks of the Yangtze River. Baisha, part of Chongqing, lies far from the city and boasts its own ancient terroir, fertile soil and a long history of liquor-making.

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