When the line is towed between pragmatic and fashion, when being bold is the rule no.1 and you make your own rules, when you talk about #successfulliving and the rules are unharming , self made, for the love of equinamous living and loving, when the lines of biases on the basis of colour, creed and race, are erased; then you know it’s the most imapactful (visually and fashionably) sturdy (in mettle), Diesel, that is being spoken of.

diesel6 diesel2

Diesel has made its own rules in the fashion industry and thus this Lakme fashion week’17 had diesel showcase its philosophy of unlimited, undefined, they defied all the rules of the thin models or fair or dark models in the industry, the mantra was any shape , be it panda 🐼 or any is acceptable and thus fashion must cater to all equally with no distinctions. We all know how body shaming and colour biases have been always a part of our concepts when it comes to fashion or definitions of beauty. But this is time now to know how these set of rules and mindset have to be erased and they must give way to new, the #untagged #unlimited #undefined #beboldforchange and this is the today’s fashion- #ilovepandas with their shape and colour diversification. Very few might know that diesel is a part of the OTP, ( Only the Brave foundation) which builds brands for a new breed of consumers which foster creativity and challenge rules.


Here’s a view of how I styled my looks for the Lakmefashionweek’17 with none other than this rocking fashion brand whose ethos goes so well with my ideologies, unique and daring, innovative and iconic in its essence and philosophy.

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Feel lucky to have been a part of this change and event, and got an opportunity to style my look with the best and blog on the same.❤️ So keep loving…


=Yours Truly=

Anuja Pandey

Venue- Jio garden
Event- Lakme fashion week’17

Outfit partner- Diesel
The Apartment
Jewellery partner- Swarovski