We all have had some trips which have lent us with beautiful experiences & Fun times that always remain sealed in our heart❣ Well, the Goa trip accompanied by my co-blogger and partner in crime, Lucky. It was one of the best trips I have experienced for a long time. Goa implies loads of fun activity in sun and sand, beach and mimosas and what better company than your friend.

We stayed at ITC Grand Goa and the kind of Goa Fun we had was confined within the resort since ITC hotels happened to be an overload of luxury and comfort.  ITC Grand Goa is an extremely luxurious and tropical getaway and offers a breath-taking view of the beach and lush greens which filled my heart with joy. The lavish accommodation we got was a well furnished and cozy suite with a personal patio, an outdoor rain shower, and a secret garden.

The mornings amidst these swaying coconut palms and shimmering lagoons and birds chirping in the resort naturally attracted my footsteps to the pristine Arossim beach. This beautiful resort with a blend of vintage and classical elegance made our trip truly an invigorating experience.

Most of the time was either utilized in the beach or the swimming pool. The multi-level swimming pool had a distinctive beauty of its own and it is supposedly one of the largest swimming pool in any of the resorts in Asia. The tropical climate, fizzy drinks, refreshing games, and water sports in the pool and Lucky’s bubbly and energetic company infused a fresh burst of energy.

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ITC Grand Goa spoilt us for various choices. There was this exclusive cabana at the beachside and the staff especially organized an amazing afternoon for us. It was truly the most immersing experience of the Goan holiday as we were served some scrumptious smoked salmon with a touch of lemon sauce, butter garlic glazed prawns, spicy Goan kingfish and beer (cheers to Goa and Loftyspectrums!) While we absorbed the lively ambiance with the sound of beach waves, the ticklish feel of sand under the feet as we danced to the live music playing at the Royal Afghan and clinking the beer mugs, we inhaled a fresh breath of life, whiffing out all the negativities of life. We also did a host of water sports like parasailing and jet skiing.

The next day was all about physical wellness with the royal spa KayaKalp. The pavilion at the village square offers multiple dining options with marvelous Indian, international and Goan cuisine round the clock…there are nearly 6 restaurants there spoiling the guests with the choices. While the Royal Afghan at the beachside offers Goan and northern frontier food with grills and charcoals as you feast under a starlit sky. This is where I spent my noon in the Cabana totally pampered.

As they say, the best things are usually most unanticipated, I experienced the best while exploring and walking down the trails in this beautiful property with nature at its full swing. My best was this open to air, small yet stunning Shiv temple. The Maha Mrityunjay Chant was audible and I could see a beautiful Shivling ornamented by wildflowers. it was a moment I lived forever when I bathed lord Shiva with pure water where the Shivling stood unguarded by the so-called protectors of religion, green trees guarding and playing the canopy as I became one with him, washing off my pains.

ITC Hotels all around India is amazing as it captures the spirit of the city hence doing complete justice to its tourists who come to explore and experience the culture, food and the real glimpse of that city ( I have experienced it over time and over years with my stays at various places in the ITC Hotels). I got to experience the best of Goa while I stayed here- rejuvenated and refreshed

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