The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our living spaces and has led to re-imagination of spaces to meet the demands of a new lifestyle. The change of decor brings about an increase in productivity and improved Zen energy in the house. With cases surging, people are choosing to seek refuge indoors again. And this calls for an increased interest in redecorating.

According to Runa Sikdar, designer and director, White Space – Innovating Designs & RS Designs,
India & Europe, “Design has many languages, but a few are timelessly trendy.” So if you are looking to do up your house, here are some trends to keep in mind:

People are opening their arms and embracing the ‘more is more’ aesthetic. Restricted travel means reminiscing about earlier trips. So a space with decor and items from various parts of the world can give a happy vibe. Neutrals that have been there for long are now paving way for experimental colors and hues. Putting up art pieces on walls, or many small décor pieces on the coffee table, or a mix of textures can also give character. So keep adding on since many stories in one space is now in vogue.

This concept focuses on creating joy and contentment in everyday life. Achieve it through cosy sofas, good books and windows overlooking greenery.

Earthy tones
Staying close to nature can have many benefits. Shades of green and brown are warm and reassuring. “Having a balcony converted to a personal spa space may be a great idea for all who seek meditative benefits to combat stress,” suggests Sikdar.

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Mixing the textures
Juxtaposing varying textures gives a place an interesting look. Marrying two aesthetics is fun and creates a more free vibe since the design is not confined. Surbhi Jaipuria, managing partner, Twiggr Studio, a home decor brand, says, “A new trend is the use ………
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