For most Indian men, skincare is hardly in their vocabulary for the paucity of time, behavioural conditioning and other factors.  Nonetheless, men should absolutely have a skincare regimen. It need not be elaborate but at least a few minutes of the day are required since skin is the largest organ of the body. Skincare novices have heard buzzwords like charcoal, apple cider vinegar and hemp seed oil, to name a few. They have a good ring to it but one needs to know their skin type to understand what will suit them the best.

Dr Kaustav Guha, head, R&D at SkinKraft Labs, says, “On average, the male skin is 20 per cent thicker than female skin. However, the collagen content of male skin depletes steadily. An adult male is more prone to oily skin due to a larger and higher number of sebaceous glands and hence it is more acne prone. Regular shaving can also make skin sensitive. It is imperative for men to assess their skin profile and concerns to address them. Men should not just go for any generic product, which might do more harm.”

Agrees Sainath Jain, founder of male skincare brand HIVADO, who says, “Men’s skin is biologically structured in a different way from a woman’ skin. This is why, men do need a customised skincare solution that is made with ingredients and actives that can be effectively nourished. Men tend to be more minimalistic in the number of products they use. How products feel on their skin and how they smell are important considerations to be made.”

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Here are some essentials  men can include in their skin routine:

1. Cleansing and toning
Skincare for men requires attention and it must be customised according to their age, skin type and lifestyle. CTM, or cleansing, toning and moisturising, is essential and since men tend to have oilier and thicker skin, they need to use a mild cleanser twice a day. Toning could be a spray of mists or essence or even rose water.  Moisturising is essential to save the skin from environmental stressors like sun, pollution, air conditioners, smoking and other habits that have an impact on overall health.

This is non-negotiable. It keeps your skin from tanning and safe from the harmful impact of the sun, so this must not be ignored. A gel-based sunscreen is good if you don’t prefer the greasy ones. There are many sunscreens that come in the form of sprays too.

Our bodies shed dead cells naturally but a good exfoliant once a week won’t hurt. Cream exfoliants are apt for dry or sensitive skin. Exfoliating also smoothens hair follicles, thus making shaving easier.

4. Look out for your peepers   
Take care of the skin around your eyes because the current lifestyle implies over exposure to blue light and pollution. This makes the eyes susceptible to dehydration, undereye fine lines and wrinkles. Dab a serum at night around your eyes to wake up to fresher eyes.

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