Metaphorically travel is not a destination; it’s a feeling that constantly nourishes your mind ,body and soul; an experience that can make your heart skip a beat and become an everlasting memory. While our mind gets enriched and nourished, we need to definitely invest in some good skin care regime which is to be followed in- flight to save you.
Luxury is all About Experiences you Treasure with what Value can Buy .. For me a Good In-Flight Experience is the Perfect Marriage of Luxe, Timeless & Memorable Travel .. & i think while travelling, skin is one thing which needs utmost care. I am travelling today and my inflight skin care is of top most priority as I don’t want to dehydrate myself and also my skin. So here’s a peek into what I would usually travel with and what I won’t travel without to survive my skin in a long journey, as long as Toronto.

Travelling always dries out my skin – especially on flights! I like to pack a “hydration” carry on kit of my most moisturising skincare products to ensure that my skin doesn’t dry out on long distance flights.

1. Clarins total cleansing oil

2. Dermal Arbutin collagen essence mask

3. Pure body naturals- vitamin c serum

4. Clinique dramatically different moisturiser

5. Body shop olive beautifying oil

First, I’ll use a gentle, cream cleanser to remove any makeup or dirt. Then I like to use a sheet mask to pop back in all the moisture into my dehydrated airplane skin. I’ll leave it on for 30 minutes or take a nap with it on.

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Once I’m awake and the mask is dried out, I’ll use a moisturising serum + lotion combination on clean, bare skin. First, I add a watery serum like the vitamin c serum and then top on a hydrating gel based lotion – the Clinique version is great. Finally, I’ll add a thin layer moisture mask and seal it all in with a facial oil! By the time I’m off the plane, my skin is plump, moisturised and dewy!

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