The kitchen is a very fascinating place for children. They see their mother working and dishing out delicious recipes for everyone in the family. The smell of good food being cooked, the steam coming out of pots intrigues them and interests them. It’s always like a mystery for the kids where they want to figure out what concoctions are being made.

We must give kids a chance to get involved in household chores, if they are younger then they can set up the table, or may be, get you a glass of water. And if the kids are old enough then you can make them bake or they could help you with making desserts etc.

My little girl, Pari had been insisting to bake for quite some time so what better day than children’s day to choose. The points to be taken into notice are-

Right time of the day matters

When you are trying to do any sort of activity with the kids you need to see that they should not be really tired or irritable, else they won’t be able to enjoy the activity. I chose forenoon when anyways they need to snack on something before lunch on the days they are home. Also this time of the day they are fresher and more energetic too. It’s also a smart idea to have another adult in the kitchen to help you keep an eye on your junior chef.


Always plan a little ahead and be ready with the ingredients . A little planning will save you and the kid from frustrating. So it’s a good idea to know what your little chef plans to cook and keep it simple. The ingredients should not be more than maximum five in order to keep it easy n interesting for the junior chef. It’s always a good idea to make muffins or such things with them.



It does work wonders when you cook with them as they naturally imbibe the good habits of washing their berries or fruits or whatever ingredients are needed for the cooking. They learn while they enjoy and cook.

Safety rules

The kids must know that they are not supposed to whirr the grinders or the electric beaters etc. They must understand at all point of time it is unsafe so it’s a good idea to always repeat and tell them that they need to stay away from sharp objects like knives.

Relax n be patient

Loosen up since kids cannot be counted onto being neat in the kitchen. Even as adults, we make a little mess, so, much mess is expected while your junior chef is at work.Always Be kind and patient with kids and older people. Lastly, be more appreciative about the kid’s efforts. It goes a long way in building their belief in themselves. A mother can give a kid a lifetime of self assurance which no adversity can snatch from them even when they grow up.

My daughter and her friend on this children’s day cooked some cheese and pesto straws. Pari was insisting on baking these for quite some time and she had the recipe from the book her grandma had gifted her. So here goes the recipe

Cheese and pesto straws


Bon appetit


junior-chef-Pari3 junior-chef-Pari2 junior-chef-Pari1 junior-chef-Pari4

=Happy children’s day=