Being curvy is an accusation almost like a taboo and not even the hottest celebs could escape the criticism or the label of being curvy, with the criticism and pressure mounting on them to prove it otherwise. But it is high time that most of us realise that beauty or looking hot is not defined on scale and measurements but the way you carry yourself and there is definitely more to good looks than this and also there is more more to life than just being beautiful, good looks are a symphony of a lot many good things in yourself come up together.
There are a litany of supposed rules and regulations when it comes to what curvy girls, like me, are supposed to wear in the holidays. These days, however, I’m proud to take every one of those lies and stick them where the sun don’t shine. So join me on this odyssey in confounding old-fashioned thoughts about dressing my curves in hot weather…

Avoid anything bright and bold prints

Hey c’mon give me a break from just wearing black since it would give me a slimmer look. Oh, umm, black looks so flattering but gone are the days when I would pay a heed to this anymore. Bolder the print, the more attention the outfit draws, the less your oh not so hot body parts will draw.


‘Jumpsuits are a slim girl’s best friend.
If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I absolutely LOVE a jumpsuit, regardless of if I’m ‘supposed’ to wear one or not. Most people would assume that the jumpsuit was designed for the slim Jims of the world, but I on the other hand think that the jumpsuit is probably my favourite piece of clothing; it takes minimal styling, and I feel amazing in it.


‘Short shorts are a no-go.’ OK, so we’ve all seen those babes with the washboard abs parading around in a high-waisted pair of denim shorts. And we have always dismissed the idea of wearing them. Noways in not waiting anymore to wear it when I lose it. This is your time babe, go ahead and wear it all. Probably you can put it with a long front open cape to feel a lil more comfy in those shorts.


‘Don’t invest in a minidress.’ Not sure if you’re feeling brave enough to buy that minidress? Do it. I might not have the most toned pair of legs, but hey! I choose dresses with an A-line skirt. It’s super flattering and is a win situation.
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