Loftyspectrums is again in the top 10 lifestyle blogs of the country, assessed by feedspot. And it’s a matter of immense pleasure and honor to be featured again in top lifestyle blogs of India and win the badge of honor and acknowledgment of the job loftyspectrums has done. is an excellent and prestigious site that not only recognizes bloggers in each field in India but also does an international ranking of bloggers and writers. was born in 2016 as a luxury and lifestyle blog. Anuja and Ashish raised the bars with their writing and perception which is unique thereby rocketing the blog to one of the most niche blogs in the country and also internationally. Her eye for aesthetics, art and craftsmanship and Aashish lucky’s sense of luxury and fashion and the impeccable Musician and brilliant Singer he is, has made the blog get international acclaim thereby giving them an exposure to global travel and events like #Cannes film festival and fashion weeks and music festivals.

The bro and sis bloggers say, “Cheers to the audience and brands alike who love the creativity and storytelling we do and the experiences we try to make them live through our perception. And cheers to feedspot …hip hip hurray!”