It was a lovely afternoon with lots of fashionable and lovely women coming together along with the team of doctors, nutritionists, skin and hair specialists,at VLCC, when the discussions over wellness, health, skin and hair went on with bloggers shooting their questions incessantly. The team of VLCC was not only enthusiastically attending to our queries but also gave extensive insight into issues related to health and wellness.

We all have grown up hearing about VLCC but, to my surprise, all I knew of it was it was a weight loss centre. But this noon was an eye opening one when I realised it’s a holistic wellness health approach which needs to be worked on when you are dealing with issues like weight gain or skin or hair troubles. Finally it all is related and thus if you go to seek treatment then it’s not just externally but it will begin internally.


VLCC has introduced many a skin and hair treatments, and has made weight loss for people with ailments like pcod and thyroid too achievable and possible while keeping it simple and plausible.

  1. We discussed at length the vampire facelifts or Dracula facials of Kim Kardashian fame. The process is known as PRP wherein your own blood is taken n the platelets are re injected to give you a fresh supply of growth cells and thus your skin is left beautiful, thus the name ( finally as legend may have it, vampires survived on blood). Simailar process is used for hair regrowth too.
  2. We also discussed on how PCOS is one of the common lifestyle diseases and has the repercussions of weight gain, acne, facial hair etc and how diet and workout together could combat this. So once you are at VLCC you might have gone for your weight or skin or hair but the holistic approach of their treatment will take care of all the aspects.
  3. We discussed some cosmetic treatments too like the eyelash extensions, laser hair removals, gold thread lift etc. The eyelash extension can be done in few hours for long, doll like effect and it stays for few months, precisiely almost 7 weeks. Then you could go back again, although it needs to be taken care of in terms of makeup removal every time, gentle touch n no rubbing of eyelashes.
  4. Gold thread face lift takes care of the sagging skin and wrinkles.
  5. Various luxurious hair treatments are also available at the centres.
  6. The recently introduced pumpkin peel is for sensitive skin also, and even acne prone skin.
  7. I came to know about the extra lightening Glutathione injections of Kajol fame, and how glutathione which is a peptide and a powerful antioxidant and is naturally made in our body is responsible for making our skin also light and this can be achieved here.( although I’m personally not in favour of fair skin being the definition of beauty as #darkisbeautiful and we must take pride in how we are such unique creations of our creator, the Janani ( our Mother Nature) . My mom always said “believe in the power of nature, it makes sure you are beautiful in your own unique way“.
  8. The many therapies including non invasive methods for spot and inch reduction has made it possible for many to combat fat as it is almost a battle. The coolsculpt is one of those treatments which kills the fat cells of your body.
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VLCC believes it’s never too late or too early to begin taking care of your skin, hair or wellness. The lovely noon, the high tea, and the hair and foot massage kept us busy. This is for sure that if you intend to heal and attend to what your body is asking for, then the solution to your beauty issues are here, since we must not forget that health is beauty. We got lovely products which I will incorporate in my daily regime, including the green tea. Looking forward to go back to the VLCC soon for getting a DNA swab done and get my metabolism checked so I could hit the road to weight loss. 

I sported a denim over denim look for this chilled out noon spree of chats and discussions. The denims with patch work is totally in trend this season and hence I’m sporting these skinnies with patchwork and off shoulder top. 




Venue- VLCC bangalore
Shoes n outfit by forever new

Written and Styled by –  Anuja Pandey

* There is already season of discounts going on so you could avail it if you go this month and also I will put up my coupon code soon for my readers to get discount on all the services.