It was a brilliant Saturday noon and the launch of  first weddingline studio, the first one of it’s kinds in bangalore, at JW Marriott Bengaluru. And none other but Mrs. and Mr. Boman Irani were there to inaugurate the studio. The event was a glitzy affair and the stardust was making it even more glam along with the alluring interiors of the studio, surely making this studio The one and only destination for anybody who plans to tie the knot.

Weddings are special and it is the occasion for everyone in the family to celebrate, to cherish and make it a treasured memory for the bride and the groom. It is this dream that would be turned into reality in the most unflinching manner and fashion with aplomb and grandeur and the weddingline studio would make this responsible celebration an affair to remember for the families involved, for the bride , the groom and and every guest on the list.

It doesn’t end here, since the weddings are all about communication , the understanding of the ideas from conception to eventually the delivery of the whole affair , hence there was another story too weaved beautifully in this fabric of communication and conception. And communication matters everywhere so the unique concept of this studio is that the team of directors also took a socially responsible step by deciding to support the NGO Vani by donating a part of their profits to charity. Vani is working for the upliftment and betterment of the deaf children and it is here where communication should never stop for a few unfortunate ones due to lack of association and right amount of emotional and financial investment. This is where the wedding line studio extends its arms and hugs and contributes to pull out the deaf from the darkness of eerie silence…

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And thus the responsible celebration begins and innovative ideas in the form of seed grow and blossom and spread their aroma in the lives of less fortunate ones,even though they don’t happen to be the clients of weddingline studio.

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, a groom or the groomsmen, whether you want to have a stag party a hen party, wedding line studio is the the right place to plan, design, curate it for you the way you would have only dreamt of.

Here you’ll find stories and themes for wedding, sangeet , engagement themes, planning checklists, the decor, the flowers, designer outfits , jewellery and trousseau packaging, gift ideas , unique menu choices, music playlists, guest dress code tips, honeymoon inspiration, and so much more.

Today weddingline is credited as being amongst the finest Wedding Consulting/Management firms in South Asia with a clientele that ranges from celebrities to some of the most renowned Families from India and the abroad.

The inaugural function was followed by some champagne and canapes .It was lovely interacting and having a tête-à-tête with Boman who happens to be one of the wittiest man in the film industry and yes, I must say what a warm gentleman he is !

Soon after this we headed to the sprawling lawns of the JW Marriott Bengaluru for the annual cake mixing event that happened in a grand manner. The staff of the hotel came marching forward with handful of trays of fruits, dry fruits and alcohol for the cake mixing. We all had an immensely satisfying time mixing the cake and soaking it up with all the stuff. The aroma of the resplendent alcohol was so sharp that it stayed with me even when I left. One of the chefs dressed as wizard came to sprinkle the spices finally and it surely felt like Christmas. We all wore the red aprons and the cute lil Santa caps as we did the cake mixing. What a festive noon it was!!

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The lunch was a grand spread of all sort of grills , pan fried, Chinese delicacies et al. All sort of delicacies from everywhere in the world were served and the hospitality of JW Marriott Bengaluru is unmatched. The crew was attending with all care and made sure we had lovely time and our champagne flutes were topped with ambrosia. The tables had such a wide spread of food and the spirits were high with so many friends around and the best of ambience. This celebration at JW Marriott Bengaluru has definitely kick started the season of festivities and weddings in a grand way.

So you know where all roads will lead to now in bangalore ,yes ,you guessed it right , it’s JW Marriott Bengaluru , and with the weddingline studio you can make that special day one to remember for a lifetime. So come and fall in love with yourself and your family for curating the most special and beautiful beginning for you in association with the weddingline studio.

Your lofty ideas would be met with great efficiency at Weddingline studio, JW Marriott Bengaluru 💕❤❤

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